White fed up with training partners not willing to fight each other *VIDEO*

NEWARK, N.J. – Following his decimation of Ben Saunders at UFC 111 Saturday night, Jon Fitch said he was ready for another title shot against Georges St. Pierre.

UFC President Dana White confronted him on the issue, and said if he really wanted another shot he would first fight Josh Koscheck, another top contender at welterweight.

The problem for Fitch is, he and Koscheck are training partners at American Kickboxing Academy. White doesn’t care and he’s fed up with these guys who won’t fight certain people because they may be friends or even training partners. He says it’s not a team sport, and it seems something is going to give.

ProMMAnow.com first reported the exchange of words between Fitch and White last night, now you can view the verbal joust in this video. You will also hear White in a one-on-one interview talk more in-depth about teammates who don’t want to fight one another, and it’s evident it is a real hot button issue with him.

Fighters have different opinions on this issue. There are guys like Fitch and Koscheck who refuse to fight one another. then there are guys like Joe and Dan Lauzon, who are not only teammates but brothers, and they have stated in the past they would have no problem fighting one another.

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