“Raging Wolf VI” – play-by-play results

On Jan. 23, 2010, “Raging Wolf VI” took place at the Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel, in Niagara Falls, New York. The Ultimate Fighter 5 veteran Corey Hill made his return to action for the first time since being sidelined in Dec. 2008 after suffering one of the worst leg-break injuries in the history of MMA at “UFC: Fight for the Troops”. Corey shook off the ring rust and bounced back with a unanimous decision win over Jason “Babu” Trzewieczynski. Also winning by unanimous decision was Luigi Fioravanti, in his main event bout against TUF 8 veteran Shane Primm.

Here are the official results and fight summaries sent to us today from the promotion:

155-pound Division: Curtis Waite (Florida) defeated Steve Johnson (New York) 2:29 in the 1st round by rear naked choke
After the two fighters exchanged a few jabs, Waite rocked Johnson with a left hook. Before Johnson could shake off the punch, Waite took back control and systematically works his way to a rear-naked choke 2:29 into the first round for the victory. Waite ups his record to 2-2 as Johnson is now 0-1.

195-pound Division: Jeff Bok (Rochester, N.Y.) defeats Patrick Gorman (South Buffalo) in the 1st round by Key Lock Arm Bar at 1:29
Jeff Bok made the most of his first amateur fight as he defeated the previously unbeaten Patrick Gorman. Bok controlled the tempo from the start as he shot at Gorman. Gorman did a nice job defending the shoot and was able to stay on his feet. However, eventually, Bok was able to take Gorman down and into North-South control and move into side control. There, Gorman thought he could escape and get back to his feet. The effort failed miserably as he turned right into perfect position for Bok to end the fight with a Key Lock Arm Bar at the 1:29 mark for the win. Bok is 1-0 and Gorman falls to 2-1.

170-pound Division: Matt Bordonaro (WNY MMA) defeats Chris Robinson (Buffalo) via unanimous decision
The newcomer Matt Bordonaro showed the crowd early he was going to have fun in his first MMA fight as he walked to the “Wolf-tagon” to Brittany Spears music and wearing a blonde wig and white dress shirt, imitating the once prominent singer. And while Bordonaro had a smile on his face as he walked to the cage, he had a bigger smile on his face after the fight when he was declared the winner by unanimous decision over Chris Robinson. Robinson attempted a Jiu-Jitsu takedown but failed, walking right into back a rear-naked choke attempt by Bordonaro to open the first round. Bordonaro eventually let the choke hold go but maintained back control, which he held throughout the end of the round. In the closing seconds, Robinson tried to escape, only to allow Bordonaro to get one more takedown before the clock struck zero.

In the second round, Robinson was able to escape a submission attempt by
Bordonaro with a slam. The slam also allowed Robinson to take Bordonaro’s back and deliver several lefts to the ribs of Bordonaro. After little action, the referee stood both fighters up. Robinson continued to try and force the action as he shot at Bordonaro as he earned two takedowns, the latter of which resulted in a guillotine choke attempt by Robinson. Bordonaro was saved by the bell and did not tap.

The final round saw Bordonaro reverse a takedown into top control. Bordonaro eventually moves to the side and as Robinson attempts an escape he inadvertently kneed Bordonaro in the baby-maker region,
forcing a stoppage in the fight. Once action resumed, Bordonaro earned a takedown and moved into full-guard. The two stayed in that position the rest of the round as Robinson gave a tough fight from his back with several combination punches. Bordonaro threw hammer fists as the fight came to an end, leaving the decision in the hands of the judges. The judges declared a unanimous decision in favor of Bordonaro. Bordonaro is 1-0 and Robinson falls to 1-1.

155-pound division: Brian Kelleher (Selden, N.Y.) defeats Mark Carrow (Orchard Park N.Y.) with an arm-bar submission at 1:31 of the first round
The undefeated Mark Carrow tried to force the tempo with a Mui Thai leg kick. However, Kelleher anticipated the kick and countered, as he grabbed the leg and drove Carrow to the ground to take full guard. From there, Kelleher methodically worked his way and applied a text-book arm
bar, forcing Kelleher to submit. The win even’s Kelleher’s record to 3-3 while Carrow falls to 2-1.

135-pound division: Zech Lange (Niagara Falls, N.Y.) defeats James Barris (Windsor, Ont.) via unanimous decision
Like many 135-pound bouts, action happens early and often. This match was no different. Barris came out swinging, landing a strong right hook and put Lange in a clinch. Lange, counters with a Jiu Jitsu takedown into full guard. From his bottom position, Barris nearly pulled off an arm bar. However, Lange showed his quickness and athleticism as he rolled out of harm’s way and back into full guard for a little ground-and-pound action. Lange let his guard up and stood up to deliver kicks to Barris, who was still on the mat. Once Barris got up, Lange delivered another takedown before the end of the round.

The action in the second round was near reminiscent of the first as Lange earns a takedown into full guard. Lange got too aggressive at one point and almost walked into another arm bar by Barris. Once again, Lange showed off his athleticism by escaping the attempt and recapturing the full guard. After little action, the referee stood both men up. Barris appreciated the stoppage as he excelled on his feet with a few good combination punches. However, Lange gets one more takedown before the end of round two.

Realizing his standup game had some success, Barris kept the third round off the mat early as he threw several nice combinations, mixing in jabs and hooks to Lange. To slow down the action, Lange applies a clinch against the cage. Lange put his head down and almost got caught in a choke hold. Lange escapes the choke hold and gets another takedown into side guard. From there, he delivered a few punches before the end of the fight. Lange received the approval of the judges as he earned the unanimous
decision to raise his record to 3-0 while Barris drops to 3-3.

155-pound division: James Jenkins (Rocky Point, N.Y.) defeats Justin Taveirne (Windsor, Ont.) via unanimous decision
James Jenkins forced the action early with several strong jabs. His opponent, Justin Taveirne did not appreciate it much and went in for the clinch to minimize the beating his face was taking. From the clinch, Taveirne was able to grab Jenkins’ leg and take him down while still in the clinch. Taveirne was able to get back to his feet, only to get taken down again. This time, Taveirne moved into full guard but was unable to do anything as the horn sounded.

Round two was primarily done on the mat as Jenkins earned a takedown and moved to full guard. From the bottom, Taveirne almost got an unexpected arm bar. However, Jenkins was able to get his arm back and move into full mount. There, Jenkins delivered some ground and pound until the end of the round.

Taveirne opened round three by quickly going into a clinch to offset Jenkins’ strong standup. Jenkins showed his strength, taking down Jenkins from the clinch and moved into full guard. Jenkins gets some punches in before standing up. Taveirne tried two up kicks but could not connect as Jenkins jumped back on top. Jenkins then passed his guard and took side control. From there, Jenkins moved to full mount. Taveirne tried to escape, only to give up his back to Jenkins as the final horn sounded. All three judges scored the fight 30-27 in favor of Jenkins. Jenkins is now 7-2, compared to Taveirne’s 4-2.

170-pound division: Pat Dwyer (Syracuse) defeats Josh Taveirne (Windsor, Ont) via unanimous decision
Pat Dwyer took control of the fight early as he quickly took Josh Taveirne down and took side guard to Taveirne’s back with a cross face. After a little wrestling on the mat, Taveirne earned a reversal to take Dwyer’s back and unleash some strong hammer fists. Taveirne eventually moved into full guard and attempted to pass guard to take half guard. However, Dwyer escaped as the round came to a close.

In the second round, both fighters came out and delivered several combinations to each other for an entertaining exchange. Realizing he had more luck on the ground, Taveirne gets a takedown and moves to full guard where he delivered a few punches. Taveirne moved his way to north-south position. However, Dwyer was once again able to get to his feet and earn a takedown of his own before the end of the round.

With the fight still up in the air, both fighters pushed the action in the final three minutes as Dwyer countered a punch with a takedown and moved into back control. With Taveirne laying on his chest, Dwyer delivered several punches. In an attempt to avoid the punches, Taveirne tried to escape, but rolled right into a rear-naked choke. Fortunately for Taveirne, he was able to escape and roll right into full mount. As Taveirne let Dwyer up, Taveirne dished out two blows with his knees. In the final 10 seconds, Dwyer was able to move to full mount and drop several hammer fists. All three judges scored the bout 29-28 in favor of Dwyer, who raised his record to a perfect 4-0, while Taveirne fell to 5-2.

210-pound division: Eric Herbert (Tonawanda) defeats Oliver Kimmions (Lockport) with a rear-naked choke at 2:11 of the first round
Oliver Kimmions threw a kick which was countered by Eric Herbert as he grabbed the leg and drove Kimmions back for a takedown. Herbert took side control and quickly moved to north-south position where he threw a strong right to the head of Kimmions. Herbert demonstrated his wrestling
background as he moved to top control to side and then to back. As Kimmions tried to get up, Herbert was able to lock in the rear-naked choke, forcing Kimmions to tap at 2:11. Herbert improved his record to 3-1, while Kimmions picked up his first defeat and moved to 1-1.

135-pound women’s division: Bethany Marshall (New Port, Va.) defeats Christina Domke (Fond Du Lac, Wisc.) with a guillotine choke at :20 of the first round.
In the quickest fight of the evening, Christina Domke forced the action by going right at Bethany Marshall and attempting to put Marshall in a clinch. However, Domke went in with her head down and walked right into a guillotine choke hold by Marshall. The choke hold was deep from the beginning as Marshall showed good form and arched her back well with a strong base. It was only a matter of time before Domke would tap. However, to Domke’s credit, she did not tap. Instead, she passed out, forcing the referee to stop the fight just 20 seconds into the match. Marshall raises her record to 4-0 while Domke has her first blemish on her record with a 3-1 mark.

170-pound division: Allan Arzeno(Miami, Fl.) defeats T.J. Sumler (Buffalo, N.Y.) via unanimous decision for the Raging Wolf North East Regional Welterweight Championship title
In a title fight in which both fighters had a mutual dislike for each other, after five, five-minute rounds, both fighters gained each other’s respect. After the referee gave each other the rules and told the fighters to touch gloves, both fighters refused. In the first round, T.J. Sumler put Allan Arzeno in a clinch and attempted to throw Arzeno to no avail. Sumler let go of the clinch. Sumler then delivered a devastating right which rocked Arzeno to the ground. Sumler attacked and threw some ground and pound. Arzeno was able to get back to his feet and the two fighters exchanged punches the rest of the round.

In the second round, Arzeno had a good combination as he kicked Sumler in the face and followed with an uppercut to highlight the frame. Throughout the round, both fighters exchanged blows and never took the match to the ground.

The third round saw much of the same as the two proved to each other, this fight was not ending with a knockout. Both men had steel jaws and refused to go down. Arzeno pushed the action for much of the third round as Sumler circled around and backed away from Arzeno. Arzeno tried his luck with the ground game in the fourth round. After Arzeno had a tremendous combination, he took Sumler down and into full mount where he delivered a couple punches. Sumler was able to get back to his feet and circle the outer portion of the octagon the rest of the round as he backed away from Arzeno.

Both warriors entered the final round and gave the crowd something to cheer for as Sumler opened the stanza with a strong left hook and put Arzeno in a clinch. Both fighters were able to exchange jabs. Sumler was able to apply a guillotine choke, but Arzeno rolled out of the hold. Sumler took north-south control and moved to side control. As Sumler got up, he delivered an illegal knee to the head of Arzeno. The violation forced the referee to deduct a point from Sumler. After the two stood up, Arzeno delivered a strong right leg kick to end the action of the event.

The judges scored the fight 49-45, 48-46 and 49-45, declaring the winner by unanimous decision Arzeno, who now has a 3-2 record while Sumler is now 2-2.

170-pound division: Corey Hill (Brooksville, Fla.) defeats Jason “Babu” Trzewieczynski (Clarence, N.Y.) via unanimous decision
After one of the most gut-wrenching injuries ever sustained in the UFC, Corey Hill began his journey back to the big show against Babu. Hill said this fight was about knocking off some of the rust, considering he hasn’t had a fight in nearly 14 months. Babu was the aggressor early on as he attempted jabs and spinning heel kicks. Hill just matter-of-factly stepped to the side to get a feel for the fight. With :45 seconds remaining in the opening round, Hill showed a flash of aggressiveness as he delivered a strong combination.

Hill started to feel more comfortable in the second round as he opened with a Superman punch, which led to a combination and ultimately a takedown of Babu into full guard. Hill moves to half guard and then stands up. Babu tried forcing the issue with a strike. However, Hill counters with a strong jab and gets another takedown of Babu. Hill gave Babu a few punches before the end of the round.

In the final five minutes, Hill showed more a little more of what he is capable of as he countered a Babu kick by grabbing the kick in mid-air and driving Babu to the ground and right into full guard. Though on the ground, Babu was the aggressor as he delivered a few impressive blows from the bottom. After the two stood up, Hill showed a flash of his quickness, attacking Babu and putting him on his back in a blink of an eye for some ground and pound. Babu was able to get back to his feet and the two exchanged blows before the final horn.

The judges scored the fight 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 in favor of Hill. The former Ultimate Fighter participant now owns a professional record of 3-2 while Babu falls to 3-3.

185-pound division: Luigi Fioravanti defeats Shane Primm with unanimous decision
Early on, Shane Primm showed just how explosive his knees can be. After putting Luigi Fioravanti in a clinch, Primm pulled down on Fioravanti’s head and caught him with a strong knee to the head. Knowing Primm wanted to continue with the standup, Fioravanti took the match to the mat and demonstrated his grappling skills. Fioravanti moved from half guard to north-south control at will. While moving around, Fioravanti was able to throw punches in the meantime. Primm’s only other offense in the round
was an attempt at an arm bar, but it was mainly controlled by Fioravanti’s ground game.

Primm almost got another arm bar early in the second round, but Fioravanti masterfully rolled out of it and into a full mount, showing 185-pounders can move very quickly. In full guard, Fioravanti moves to side control to north-south position. Primm eventually got to his feet and delivered a knee to Fioravanti to open a cut above Fioravanti’s eye.

Primm continued to throw knees to the head of Fioravanti in the final round. Fioravanti knew his best chance to avoid his cuts getting too bad was to take it back to the mat. Fioravanti did just that as he took full guard and easily moved to back control, back to full guard. Fioravanti let Primm up late in the round only to earn another takedown. Primm had an attempt at an arm bar submission with :25 seconds remaining but Fioravanti escaped and the final ticks went off the clock to end the bout.

All three judges scored the fight 30-27 in favor of Fioravanti, who improves his record to 16-6, while Primm is now 5-2.
Primm is now 5-2.

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