All MMA fans know that Fedor Emelianeko is a great fighter. Deep down even the most vocal detractors realize that he can do things in the ring or cage that makes fans stand and applaud. In 2009, he gave us a few of those moments. One such moment earned him the knockout of 2009 award.

During the days leading up to Affliction’s second show so much of the talk was about Andre Arlovski’s improved boxing. In preparation for the fight, the former UFC champion trained with famed coach Freddie Roach. A lot of people thought that this would propel Arlovski to a win over the WAMMA champion, but after about three minutes of fighting he was face down on the canvass.

Arlovski, who had been backing the champ up with straight punches, attempted a flying knee. Emelianenko timed an overhand right perfectly and dropped his opponent. Arlovski was out before he hit the ground. He laid motionless, face down, for several moments before he woke up.

There are several criteria used to judge a knockout. Was it visually stunning? Did it happen in a meaningful fight? Did it add something to a fighter’s legacy? Did it show the ability of a fighter?

Emelainenko’s knockout of Arlovski did all of these things. His power was evident from the moment the punch landed. Arlovski, who was one of the Russian powerhouse’s stiffest tests, lost in the most definitive fashion.

The incredible highlight will be shown over and over. Years from now, when Fedor Emelianenko is retired, fight fans will look upon this performance and be reminded of the first great heavyweight in the sport’s history. It was an incredible punch and’s knockout of 2009.

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3 thoughts on “ Knockout of 2009: Fedor over Arlovski”
  1. Sherdog gave it to Fedor / Arlvoski too. It was a much higher profile fight than the Henderson / Bisping. Bisping just thought he was good. Arlovski really was a past champion. Fedor knocked that dude out of the air like he shot down a bird. It was so fast no one even knew what happened til the replay. Fedor is god. Snooky OUT.

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