Watch James Toney’s first UFC job interview

If you thought it was some kind of joke, this video should be proof enough, it is no joke – UFC President Dana White is seriously considering putting 41-year-old professional boxer James Toney in the UFC. The two sat down together following UFC 108 last weekend for an impromptu on-the-spot job interview.

Making sure potential employee Toney fully realizes what he’s getting into, White asked him if he had ever felt a leg kick. Tony said he has (that’s doubtful). Then Dana asked him if he knows how to check kicks. In a classic line that will remind you of every job application you ever lied on, Toney replied, “Yeah. Front kick, back kick, alll that. Side check kick.”

It sounds like Toney said the right things to get him a second interview with the UFC Chief. If everything goes well, we might just see the current NABO and IBA Heavyweight Champion inside the Octagon sometime this year.

If Toney does fight in the UFC, it will be very interesting to see who they match him up against. Ray Mercer proved what can happen when MMA fighters don’t take professional boxing champions seriously.

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