TUF 10 Finale video extravaganza – interviews with Kimbo, Alexander, Schaub, Nelson, Hamill, Jones, Mitrione, Big Baby, Edgar, Veach

Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander prepare for a battle – A fight between two ex-street fighters will ensure excitement at TUF Heavyweights Finale on Saturday Dec. 5th at 9pm on Spike.

More main card fighters share their thoughts after the jump…

Roy Nelson and Brendan Schaub are the last two contestants standing – On Saturday Dec. 5th at 9pm on Spike, Nelson and Schaub meet in the finals of The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights.

There is no love lost between Marcus Jones and Matt Mitrione – On TUF Heavyweights, Jones and Mitrione had a confrontation that almost ended in blows. On Saturday Dec. 5th at 9pm on Spike, they two fighters will get the chance settle the score.

Matt Hamill and Jon Jones headline the TUF Heavyweights Finale – Hamill and Jones discuss their strategy and preparation for their fight on Saturday Dec. 5th at 9pm ET/PT on Spike.

Frankie Edgar and Matt Veach prepare for their upcoming fight – This Saturday, Dec. 5th on Spike at 9pm ET/PT, Edgar and Veach square off at The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights Finale.

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