As part of PROMMA.INFO’s International MMA Spotlight series, for the next couple of weeks we will be presenting fights from Poland’s premiere mixed martial arts organization Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW).

On May 9, 2008, at Torwar Hall in Warsaw, Poland, Yusuke Masuda took on Antoni “Antonio” Chmielewski at “KSW 9 – Konfrontacja.” The Polish fighter Chmielewski was 15-2 coming into the fight, and Masuda, from Japan, was 2-4-1.

It wasn’t hard to figure out who the favorite was. However, Masuda proved to be much tougher than what Chmielewski may have expected. Although Chmielewski was the submission expert, Masuda was able to take him down and fend off repeated submission attempts.

The fight ends up going the distance and Chmielewski gets the decision but not without some hard work. Grappling fans should appreciate the effort from both men. Check back tomorrow for more KSW fights.

Round 2

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