Fight Forecast – Ultimate Glory, Pure Combat, Fight Festival and Jungle Fight Picks

Yes, it is Overeem in Strikeforce
Yes, it is Overeem in Strikeforce

All four of my missed picks last week came on the WEC card. I picked Cerrone, and I had him winning on my card. Also I failed to predict the awesomeness of Mackens Semerzier. However, I still went 13-4 (1NC). Overall my record now stands at 120-56 (15NC). My picking rate stayed steady at 77 percent.

This week, there is not a big weekend headlining show, but there is still good MMA. Ultimate Glory will do something Strikeforce can’t and get Alistair Overeem to fight. Also former WEC champion Doug Marshall will be looking for his trademark “knock dead.” If that does not satiate your MMA appetite, Sean Salmon is back in action against Japanese journeyman Yuki Sasaki.

Ultimate Glory 11 – A Decade of Fights
Alistair Overeem (29-11) vs. Tony Sylvester (11-2)

It is always exciting to see a YAMMA veteran back in action. Golden Glory looked long and hard to find an opponent that would not give Alistair Overeem any trouble. They found one. Overeem should be able to finish this fight with strikes. How mad will Scott Coker be if Overeem manages to lose this fight?
Pick = Alistair Overeem

Siyar Bahadurzada (15-4-1) vs. Robert Jocz (14-4)
In his last fight, Siyar Bahadurzada showed that he can keep an opponent at bay with his freakish reach. Leandro Silva wanted to grapple, but instead he got picked apart on the feet. Robert Jocz may have a little more game in the stand up, but he will still have trouble dealing with the reach.
Pick = Siyar Bahadurzada

Pure Combat 10 – Fearless
Doug Marshall (10-3) vs. Keith Berry (6-4)
Keith Berry is the man you need if you need someone to knockout guys who wear t-shirts in the cage or have King of the Cage logos tattooed on their face. Doug Marshall is still small for middleweight, but he will have the power and striking advantage. Look for this to be a fun slugfest that ends with Marshall knocking out the “KO Kid.”
Pick = Doug Marshall

Anthony Ruiz (22-13) vs. Aaron Brink (21-18)
It is nice to see that with the help of an intervention Aaron Brink is getting his life back together. With that being said Anthony Ruiz is still going to win. Ruiz could possibly be the worst type of opponent to come back against. Brink will try to fight, but Ruiz will suffocate his game with wrestling and make it a boring affair.
Pick = Anthony Ruiz

Fight Festival 26
Sean Salmon (16-8) vs. Yuki Sasaki (22-15-1)

For a long time I was holding out hope that Sean Salmon would become something in MMA. I wrote off most of his losses and honestly thought he would be able to become a solid prospect. I was wrong. Yuki Saski is not a very exciting fighter, but he will be able to find a submission against Salmon. It might take a few rounds, but Salmon will find himself tapping. Maybe he will blog about it.
Pick = Yuki Sasaki

Alexander Shlemenko (24-3) vs. Jordan Radev (20-3)
It is rare for me to pick against a wrestler. Former Bulgarian Olympic wrestler Jordan Radev has put together nine straight victories since being shown the UFC door by Dean Lister. The streak is impressive, but it is going to end. Alexander Shlemenko’s offense in entirely composed of wild strikes, and he actually lands most of them. Radev may be able to get some takedowns, but eventually he is going to get caught.
Pick = Alexander Shlemenko

Jungle Fight 15
Vanessa Porto (9-3) vs. Roberta Torno (1-0)

Despite being a small 132 pounder, Vanessa Porto took Strikeforce champion Cristiane Cyborg the distance. Porto has a strong Chute Boxe like striking game and the ground game to match. She will make it a very tough night for debutting Roberta Torno.
Pick = Vanessa Porto

Geronimo dos Santos (13-7) vs. Assuerio Silva (15-7)
A lot of people gave up on Assuerio Silva when he lost to Todd Duffee. However, with Duffee’s recent success the loss does not look as bad. Silva has marginal striking skill and moves well for a heavyweight. He should have very little trouble dealing with a typical Brazilian heavyweight brawler.
Pick = Assuerio Silva

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