The Isle of Capri Casino in Lula, Miss. will be a great venue for the ICC.
The Isle of Capri Casino in Lula, Miss. will be a great venue for the ICC.

Mark Romano of Infinite Combat Championship (ICC) announced this week that ICC will move their October 17th card from Tupelo, Mississippi to the Isle of Capri Casino in Lula Mississippi south of Memphis.  ICC has held nine very successful fights in Tupelo over the past three years and maintains a faithful following primarily due to the good reputation of ICC, Tupelo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (TBJJ), and the exciting cards they produce.

“This is a step up in a big way for ICC. Tupelo BJJ and the Mid-South have some of the most dedicated fighters in the USA if you ask me.  We have grown so quickly in part due to the vast interest in MMA sweeping the nation and the quality fighters in the area.  Chris Gates, Senior Trainer at Tupelo BJJ, has proven time and again that our area can produce exciting fights with top-notch fighters on a regular basis.”

Romano added,

“The opportunity arose and we were able to provide a much larger venue for the fighters and their growing fan base during this particular event.  This thing is exploding and we have to be able to give the fans what they want.   We look forward to being back at the Summit in March 2010.”

When asked how the Casino came to know about ICC, Romano answered:

“They called us and said that they wanted a high quality MMA group to work with and I think we fit the bill.”

ICC currently has fifteen fights scheduled for the card at the Isle of Capri and will release the card schedule in a few weeks.

The fighters from the ICC AGEMA team that will be fighting on the 17th are:

  • Jesse Kilgore
  • Joe Milligan
  • Jon Price
  • Cody Floyd
  • Goldman Butler

(subject to change)

And from the Amory, Mississippi MMA Gym, Jeff Chambers reports that Juice Madrid will be also be on the card.

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