Shane Carwin is expected to face Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Title at UFC 106.
Shane Carwin is expected to face Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Title at UFC 106.
It looks like a UFC heavyweight title shot is coming sooner rather than later for the big man Shane Carwin. According to MMA Madness, instead of Carwin facing Cain Velasquez at UFC 104 in October as expected, he will face Brock Lesnar at UFC 106 on Nov. 21 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

It will mark Lesnar’s second UFC Heavyweight Ttle defense after taking the belt from Randy Couture at UFC 91 in November of last year. Lesnar finished Couture with a second round TKO to win the title. He then vindicated his only loss by defeating Frank Mir at UFC 100 back in July with another second round stoppage.

If there is another heavyweight in the UFC who can defeat Lesnar, many fans think Carwin is the man for the job. With an undefeated professional record of 11 wins and no losses, not one single opponent has made it out of the first round with Carwin. He is a man-handler, a meat truck, and a wrecking machine rolled into one.

Carwin faced his toughest opponent in his last bout at UFC 96. Carwin found himself in trouble when he was rocked early in the fight by Gabriel Gonzaga. However, his wrestling instincts took over, he clinched up, was able to recover, and still knocked out Gonzaga just over a minute into round one.

With three first round knockouts in three UFC fights, it is hard to argue Carwin does not deserve a shot at Lesnar. With nearly 600 lbs. of muscle going at each other in the Octagon, the UFC will be lucky if they still have an Octagon when this fight is over.

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By:  Jack Bratcher

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