MMA Big Show: “UNSTOPPABLE” took place on Sat., July 25 live from the Belterra Casino Resort & Spa in Veeway, Ind. Included on this star-studded show was a main event featuring UFC veteran Johnny “The Hater Hurter” Rees taking on Jorge Gurgel Academy Brown Belt Chris Wells. The co-main event showcased shooting star “Relentless” Roger Bowling defending his MMA Big Show Welterweight strap, as well as his undefeated record, against Devon Plaisaince.

An over-capacity crowd of 1,681 jammed a venue that normally seats 1,500, and excitement generated by the fans only served to increase the intensity of the atmosphere. Heart-stopping rock band Lorenzo got the evening started off with some tremendous music, and The Clergy, members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit hip hop crew, were in attendance. The first eight fights of the card were amateur, followed by three pro fights. Here are the results of the event:

– Amateur featherweights got the evening started off, as Bill Bauer tangled with Leando Banks. After dominating the action, Bauer secured the victory via armbar at 1:08 of the 1st round.
– Next up were amateur lightweights, with Zach Ward and John Platt entering the fray. After a great fight that left the crowd pumped, Platt got the split-decision win.
– Michael Dave and Eric Wilfong stepped into the cage next in amateur middleweight action. Wilfong took the unanimous decision win.
– Another fight ended at 1:08 of the 1st round, with Joe Burnett ending Brad Barron’s night early in an amateur welterweight tilt.
– In one of the fastest KO’s in Big Show history, amateur welterweight Brian Francisco turned out PJ Jackson’s lights with a straight right hand at 0:20 of the 1st round.
– Amateur lightweights stepped into the spotlight next, as Justin Wallace slapped a triangle on Craig Neal, earning the submission victory at 1:15 of the 1st round.
– Chris Cummins and Justin Unger, amateur middleweights, went toe to toe next, with Unger getting the TKO stoppage due to strikes on the ground at 1:00 of the 1st round.
– In a Big Show first, ladies faced each other, as amateur lightweights Erica Ellington and Marissa Caldwell went at it next. After a very tight armbar attempt, Ellington was forced to tap out to a triangle choke from Caldwell at 2:33 of the 1st round.
– In an amateur lightweight bout, Joe Miller earned the unanimous decision win over Jacob Larter.
– In another Big Show first, bantamweights were featured in amateur action, as Brandon McMahon faced Marcus Lewis. In an action-packed tilt, McMahon snapped off a very quick triangle, getting the submission victory at 1:13 of the 2nd round.
– Big Show Amateur Welterweight Champ Colt Helton looked to defend his title against Tyler Johnson. One rear-naked choke later, Johnson is the new champion, courtesy of the submission victory at 1:12 of the 1st round.
– Rising star Chris Bennett, who holds the Big Show Amateur Lightweight strap, took on Scott Cornwell with the belt at stake. Cornwell started strongly, but Bennett weathered the storm, keeping his title with an armbar victory at 1:23 of the 1st round.
– Heavyweights got the professional portion of “UNSTOPPABLE” started, as big boys Steve Banks and Dave Hess engaged next. After some good action, including an accidental groin shot, Banks finished Hess with strikes on the ground, getting the TKO victory.
– The power of undefeated Big Show Welterweight Champion “Relentless” Roger Bowling was on display as he made short work of Devon Plaisance, throwing bombs and getting the TKO win at 0:41 of the 1st round.
– In the main event, which was fought at a catch-weight of 177 lbs., Johnny “The Hater Hurter” Rees took on Chris Wells. After some good action, Rees choked Wells unconscious with a rear-naked choke at 1:19 of the 1st round.

“UNSTOPPABLE” had it all: submissions, knockouts, and everything in between. The fights were great, the venue was sold out, and everyone involved had a great time. Special thanks to matchmaker Greg Hupp for creating great match-ups.

Announced at “UNSTOPPABLE” was a co-promotion between Big Show and Xtreme Fighting Championships that will take place on September 5th. At that event, Bowling will take on UFC veteran bad boy War Machine in a fight originally scheduled for Big Show’s June 20th “CONVICTION” show. Be sure to keep visiting Big Show’s website for details…

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  1. I JUST HAVE TO MENTION HOW THE AMETUER FIGHTER I BELIEVE HIS NAME WAS BRIAN FRASICO HOW GREAT HE DID FOR ONLY HAVING FOUGHT 2 FIGHTS FIRST FIGHT 8 SECOND TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT WHICH THEY SAID THAT WAS A MMA RECORD EVER AND THEN HIS SECOND AMETUER FIGHT I”ll be dam if he did”nt do it again but in 20 seconds.This kid is incredible we would love to see more of him.If i am correct I thought they said he was related to Mojo Horne another incredible fighter.I believe that cisco kid will be one of the best some day.

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