SSF Submission Academy in cooperation with Froggy’s Fight Night presents “SSF Invitational: Madness” this Saturday night, July 18th, at Froggy’s at 3910 Indiana Blvd., Ft. Campbell, Ky. 42223. For more information including directions call 931-561-0917.

There are a total of 17 fights scheduled with fighters representing such teams as SSF Submission, H.I.T. Squad, Lakeland Training, 5 Tigers Martial Arts, and Team Rock. A “Fight of the Night” trophy will be awarded at the end of the night. If you are in the Northern Tenn./Southern Ky. area, come support the local fighters and check out the level mixed martial arts action in your region.

(HW) Preston Durham vs. Keith Steward
(WW) Brandon Sherril vs. Sam Hebda
(LW) Cody McGregor vs. Adam Hebda
(FW) Kyle Cotton vs. Josh Mubarak
(MW) Brody Hood vs. Robert Adkins
(FW) Xavier Brown vs. Nate Holton
(LHW) Hoyt Reynolds vs. Maurice Tunstall
(LW) Shawn Brown vs. Marcus Mitchell
(FW) Adam Smothers vs. Jarrett Weston
(WW) Marcus Hammond vs. Jaron Bray
(LHW) Justin Fields vs. Rudy Colinello
(WW) Ray Tintaer vs. Jared Williard
(WW) Coltin Cole vs. Joey Ramsey
(WW) TBA vs. Yannick Jones
(FW) Lucas Thomas vs. Steve Durr
(MW) Garrett Gross vs. Jason Favell
(FW) Richard Glidden vs. Thomas Campbell

185 Jimmy Wiseman (Lakeside Training)
170 Sam Grace (Lakeside Training)
220 Jomar Crawley (Independent)
145 David Oliver (Independent)

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  1. We also have 2 guys from H.I.T Squad which is Matt Hughes’ team and 2 guys coming up from 5 Tigers Martial Arts out of AR.


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