The Ultimate Fighter: US vs. UK episode 12 recap

In this final episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team U.S. vs. Team U.K. (season 9), Coach Michael Bisping comes by the fighter house to have dinner with his team. After the meal, the guys get a bit rowdy with a swimming pool and flour getting involved.

The final bout of the season is a rematch between Team U.K.’s James Wilks and Frank Lester from Team U.S. The winner gets to fight Team U.S.’s Damarques Johnson this Saturday, June 20, at The Ultimate Fighter season 9 Finale in Las Vegas for a highly coveted six-figure contract with the UFC.

Both fighters weighed in at 171 lbs. and are ready to go…

James Wilks vs. Frank Lester
Round 1 – They exchange punches and Lester takes a low kick to the groin. Lester with a leg kick. Wilks fires back with his own leg kick and a couple of punches. Hendo tells Lester to keep pumping the jab which he does a few times but then stops. Leg kick from Lester. Left hand from Lester. Right leg kick by Wilks. Left hook Lester. Nice leg kick from Lester. Nice left hand by Wilks. Inside leg kick from Wilks. Wilks shoots, grabs a single but lets it go, they clinch against the cage. Left hand from Lester. Wilks goes for a takedown but can’t get it. Clinched again. Wilks tries to drag Lester to the canvas but can’t get it. They separate and Wilks makes Lester eat a couple of good punches, Lester swings wildly and misses. Hendo tells Frank Lester it was close but he won the round. I have to agree. PRO MMA scores the round for Frank Lester 10-9.
Round 2 – Lester kicks Wilks in the groin as the round starts. There is a time out. Lester uses his jab to start. Nice head kick connects from Wilks. Right hand from Lester but he eats a left hand right after. Bisping yells out that Lester is hurt but he appears to be OK. Front kick from Wilks. Overhand right by Lester connects. Wilks shoots and they clinch against the cage. Wilks tries to trip Lester to the canvas but no dice. They separate and Wilks lands a couple of jabs and a hard leg kick. Nice left from Lester followed by a leg kick. Lester’s nose is a bit bloody. Big head kick from Wilks rocks Lester. Lester shoots and grabs a single. He’s holding him as Hendo yells instructions. Wilks grabs the plum and lands some big knees to the head. They separate and square off and exchange some shots when the bell sounds. PRO MMA scores that one for Wilks, winning that round 10-9.
Round 3 – Leg kick by Wilks. Lester swings for air with a big hook. Connects with a leg kick. Hendo keeps telling Lester to be first. But Wilks lands a big shot and a knee to the head. Wilks goes for the takedown but no dice. Wilks escapes the clinch and fires off some punches that graze Wilks. Wilks grabs the plum and throws a knee. They clinch and Wilks continues with knee attacks. Wilks grabs half a plum and puts a big knee to Lester’s head that drops him. He follows it up with some shots and Lester is done. Referee Herb Dean stops it. James Wilks defeats Frank Lester by TKO in round 3.

After the fight, UFC President Dana White says, “What we found out is James Wilks is the better fighter without a doubt, but Frank Lester is one of the toughest son of a bitches I have ever met.”

Frank Lester fought four times in 34 days and said he was drained mentally, physically, and spiritually. He said he learned a lot and came out the better man for doing the show.

Team U.K.’s James Wilks will fight Damarques Johnson from Team U.S. at welterweight this Saturday, June 20, 2009 in The Ultimate Fighter season 9 Finale, which takes place at the Palms in Las Vegas and airs on Spike TV.

The lightweights from TUF 9 who will be fighting in the Finale are both from Team U.K. It will be Ross Pearson vs. Andre Winner.

And for the final thought of TUF season 9, we leave you with this… Dan Henderson said, “Michael Bisping is, for lack of a better word, a douche bag.” Guess that about sums it up.

By:  Jack Bratcher