Lou Neglia’s “Ring of Combat XXV” took place at the Tropicana Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. on Friday, June 12, 2009. In the co-main event, Ricardo Romero defeated Team Link’s Karen Grigoryan to take home the USKBA Light Heavyweight Title.

In the main event, Rafael “Sapo” Natal from Team Renzo Gracie did his best to defend his middleweight title against Victor O’Donnell. In the end O’Donnell proved to be too much for Sapo, staggering him over and over again on the feet with punches. Sapo showed great heart but the doctor would not let him answer the bell for round two, thus making O’Donnell the new Ring of Combat Middleweight Champion.

PRO MMA (promma.info) provided live round-by-round updates and results throughout the evening. MMA fans had the opportunity to watch the event and follow along with us via LIVE WEBCAST beginning at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT.


Preliminary Fights
Carlos Brooks def. David Shapiro by TKO rd2
Jose Viera def. Howard Longus by RNC rd1
Jose Villanueva ties Sean Santella DRAW
Jay Isip def. Mike Prokop by unanimous decision
Nick Cottone def. Louis Gaudinot by unanimous decision
Main Card
Nabih Barakat def. Jim Bova by unanimous decision
Ryan Laflare def. Robert Cunane by KO (punch) rd1
Kevin Horowitz def. Anthony Abatelli by unanimous decision
Andrew Riddles def. Mitch Whitesel by unanimous decision
Jeff Lentz def. Ed Fyvie by KO (flying knee) rd1
Al Iquinta def. Tim Sylvester by KO (punch) rd 1
Marc Berrocal def. Radji Bryson-Barrett by KO (punch) rd1
Gian Villante def. Joe Abouata by KO (punch) rd1
USKBA Light Heavyweight Championship
Ricardo Romero def. Karen Grigoryan by TKO (Gn’P) rd2
ROC Middleweight Championship
Victor O’Donnell defeats Rafael “Sapo” Natal by doctor stoppage rd1


David Shapiro vs. Carlos Brooks
rd1 – Brooks got the takedown early in the round and remained on top of Shapiro the rest of the round where he delivered ground and pound. Shapiro defended fairly well.
rd2 – They trade a few shots, then clinch, Shapiro pulls guard and Brooks pounds him out. Carlos Brooks defeats David Shapiro by TKO (Gn’P) in round 2 (1:29).

Howard Longus vs. Jose Viera
rd1 – Jose Viera gets the takedown, takes Longus’ back and sinks in the rear naked choke for the tapout. Jose Viera defeats Howard Longus by rear naked choke submission in round 1 (1:15).

Jose Villanueva vs. Sean Santella
rd1 – Santella gets a takedown but Villanueva gets up where the clinch and trade knees. Santella gets another takedown and Villanueva gets back up as the bell sounds.
rd2 – Santella shoots but Villanueva sprawls. Shoots again and gets it. Villanueva reverses and gets on top and lands some ground and pound. Santella gives up his back and fights off the rear naked choke until the bell sounds. Santella won the first round, Villanueva the second in my opinion. One judge gave the fight to Villanueva 20-18. The other two scored it 19-19 for a draw. Jose Villanueva ties Sean Santella for a DRAW.

Jay Isip vs. Mike Prokop
rd1 – Prokop lands a nice right. Isip drops Prokop with a right but Prokop gets up and takes Isip down. Isip reverses and gets mount, delivers ground and pound. Prokop gets up briefly but gets taken back down. Isip gets side control. PRO MMA scores it for Isip 10-9.
rd2 – Prokop lands a right hand but Isip gets the takedown. Ref stands them up after some time. Prokop swings and Isip shoots, it’s stuffed, shoots again and gets the takedown. Isip stays busy on top with the ground and pound. PRO MMA scores it for Isip 10-9. Jay Isip defeats Mike Prokop by unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18).

Louis Gaudinot vs. Nick Cottone
rd1 – Cottone gets the takedown after much work. Ref stands them up, Cottone shoots and gets takedown briefly as Gaudinot gets right up as the bell sounds. PRO MMA scores it Nick Cottone 10-9.
rd2 – They clinch and trade knees. Ref separates the fighters. Gaudinot stuns Cottone with a shot. Cottone gets the takedown. Gaudinot gets up and they remain in the clinch until the bell sounds. Close round. PRO MMA scores it Nick Cottone 10-9. Nick Cottone defeats Louis Gaudinot by unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18).


Jim Bova vs. Nabih Barakat
rd1 – Barakat drops Bova with a right hand, Bova gets right up and gets a takedown and stays in control. Bova attempts a rear naked choke but Barakat defends until the bell sounds. Close round.
rd2 – Barakat throws a high kick and slips to his back. Bova jumps on top. Barakat gets up and throws a combo then lands a nice body kick. Bova goes down, Barakat gets on top.
rd3 – Bova with a slam. Barakat attempts an armbar and triangle. Barakat stands up, they clinch, Barakat gets a takedown. Barakat is in Bova’s guard. Bova looks for an armbar but can’t get it. Barakat landing some ground and pound when the bell sounds. Close fight. Nabih Barakat defeats Jim Bova by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28).

Ryan Laflare vs. Robert Cunane
rd1 – Laflare gets a takedown. Laflare with a suplex as Cunane tries to stand. Laflare starts pounding and Cunane is almost out but he is able to get up just in time to get hit with a huge shot that knocks him out. Beautiful performance by Ryan Laflare. Ryan Laflare defeats Robert Cunane by knockout in round 1.

Anthony Abatelli vs. Kevin Horowitz
rd1 – Abatelli catches a kick and lands a big right that puts Horowitz down. Ref stands him up. Horowitz gets a takedown and stays busy with Gn’P. Not busy enough as the ref stands them up. Abatelli gets a takedown.
rd2 – Horowitz with a takedown, Abatelli gets up, Horowitz tries for a triangle but Abatelli slips out and stands up. They swap shots and Horowitz gets the takedown. Horowitz lands some big shots from the ground. Abatelli reverses and is on top.
rd3 – Abatelli gets a takedown but lets Horowitz up. Horowitz attacks and takes Abatelli down, takes his back, Abatelli reverses the choke attempt and is in Horowitz’s guard. Ref stands them up. Horowitz lands a huge combination of punches. Abatelli looks tired. Horowitz gets the takedown and knee on belly. Abatelli gives up his back, Horowitz goes for the rear choke but Abatelli spins out. Horowitz mounts and pounds away until the bell sounds. Kevin Horowitz defeats Anthony Abatelli by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Mitch Whitesel vs. Andrew Riddles
rd1 – The two fighters remained clinched against the cage for the entire round, trading knees and foot stomps. Whitesel attempted a takedown but couldn’t get it. Very close round with neither fighter doing any damage.
rd2 – Riddles rushes in swinging. They end up in a clinch against the cage. Riddles gets a takedown but Whitehead gets up to a clinch. Riddles gets another takedown and lands some ground and pound.
rd3 – Riddles gets a takedown and stays somewhat busy for the entire round, at least enough so the ref doesn’t stand him up. Andrew Riddles defeats Mitch Whitesel by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Ed Fyvie vs. Jeff Lentz
rd1 – Lentz lands a nice shot and Fyvie drops to his back but Lentz lets him up. Fyvie shoots in and they clinch. They separate and Fyvie shoots in just as Lentz throws a flying knee that catches Fyvie in the head. Fyvie is out. Jeff Lentz defeats Ed Fyvie by KO (flying knee) in round 1 (2:02).

Al Iquinta vs. Tim Sylvester
rd1 – Al Iquinta throws one punch that is blocked, he throws one more big overhand punch and catches Sylvester right on the chin and follows up with one on the ground. It’s over. Al Iquinta defeats Tim Sylvester by KO (punch) in round 1 (0:13).

Marc Berrocal vs. Radji Bryson-Barrett
rd1 – Berrocal ducksa couple of shots from Barret and lands a huge right hand that drops Barrett and he is out cold. Marc Berrocal defeats Radji Bryson-Barret by KO (punch) in round 1 (0:13).

Gian Villante vs. Joe Abouata
rd1 – Villante lands a leg kick that puts Abouata on his back. Villante attacks from the back. Abouata starts to stand and Villante catches him with a huge right uppercut and Abouata is out. Gian Villante defeats Joe Abouata by KO (punch) in round 1 (1:48).

USKBA Light Heavyweight Championship

Ricardo Romero vs. Karen Grigoryan
rd1 – Grigoryan out of Team Link was throwing wild looping punches much of the round. Romero got a takedown but Grigoryan gets up and eats some shots on the way up.
rd2 – Romero gets the takedown and mount. Grigoryan gets out and up and starts throwing the looping punches again. Two good leg kicks from Grigoryan. Romero lands a huge right hand that stuns Grigoryan, Romero then grabs the plum and lands a huge knee to the face of Grigoryan and Grigoryan goes down. Romero takes his back, Grigoryan spins and Romero gets mount, Romero throws punches until the ref stops it. Ricardo Romero defeats Karen Grigoryan by TKO in round 2 (2:56).

ROC Middleweight Championship

Rafael “Sapo” Natal vs. Victor O’Donnell
rd1 – This fight is NUTS! Sapo lands a head kick. O’Donnell gets a takedown but Sapo gets right up. Nice uppercut by O’Donnell puts Sapo on his back. O’Donnell goes for an armbar but Sapo escapes. O’Donnell connects with another punch and Sapo goes down on his back again. O’Donnell lets him up and staggers Sapo with some huge shots. Sapo has great heart but he is hurt bad. O’Donnell connects again. Sapo connected with O’Donnell during the round too but Sapo was out on his feet. The bell sounds and the doctor will not let Sapo continue. Victor O’Donnell defeated Rafael “Sapo” Natal by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) after round 1.

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