Every major MMA gym in America seems to have that one guy; that guy that may not be the biggest name, and may not fight in a major organization, but he is guy that terrorizes his teammates in training whether it’s on the ground or sparring in the ring or cage.

PRO MMA (promma.info) recently visited Jorge Gurgel’s gym, JG MMA Academy & Fitness Center, in West Chester, Ohio, and quickly learned who THAT guy is. Between holding down a full time job as a high school teacher, and dedicating his life to Christ, 36-year-old Chris “The Christian Warrior” Wells (8-2) is currently busy preparing to headline the main card at “MMA Big Show: Unstoppable” on July 25th against UFC veteran Johnny “The Hater Hurter” Rees.

Wells teaches special education, U.S. History, and Government at Hamilton High School, and admits he does not have much trouble with classroom discipline. He says his students are very knowledgeable about mixed martial arts and all of them are very well aware what he does outside the classroom.

“As far as my fighting, they love it,” Wells told PRO MMA (promma.info). “In this day and age, the sport is so popular and it’s everywhere. I don’t have many issues with classroom management.”

While some teachers opt for a more conservative stance and may display personal pictures on their desks, Wells takes a different approach, “I have pics of me in the classroom… of me bleeding, they really seem to like it.”

Growing up as a football player, Wells played on the college level earning All-American honors at Thomas More college. It was during the early days of the UFC, when like many mixed martial artists, Wells saw a small skinny kid named Royce Gracie dominate the competition with superior technique and a certain ferocity that Wells could identify with.

“When I saw Royce, that’s what I liked. He had such tenacity. I was thinking that this guy knows something nobody else does. I started training with a couple of guys in a garage, and eventually got my blue belt in jiu jitsu. I decided it was time to start really training, and I’ve been with Jorge Gurgel since then.” Wells has now been with Gurgel for over six years, and is currently a brown belt in jiu jitsu.

According to guys in the gym, it’s the raw talent and athleticism, coupled with a never-ending gas tank that gives most guys trouble when they face Wells.

JG MMA Academy manager and fighter, Matt Dunlap, was giving PRO MMA the gym tour and pointed out Wells, who was training at the time, and gave us the heads up on him saying, “He’s a beast, when he spars or no matter what he’s doing, he just destroys people.”

Dunlap was at that time in the process of locking Wells down to headline the main event in July at MMA Big Show where he will be facing a UFC veteran.

Wells is currently 8-2, and although MMA is a one-on-one sport, he never steps into the cage alone in his battles. “When I get in a cage and fight, anything can happen,” said Wells. “All I care about is that His love is protecting me, and I give Him all the glory.”

For now, Wells has his sights set on his fight in July, facing Indianapolis, Indiana based fighter and UFC Veteran Johnny “The Hater Hurter” Rees. So what does the future hold for the ultra-aggressive Wells?

As a devoted Christian, Wells never tries to predict the future and when asked about what is next for him after the fight in July, he simply replied, “We’ll have to see what the Lord has in store for me.”

To learn more about Jorge Gurgel’s MMA Academy and Fitness Center visit their website at www.ohiomma.com

By:  Denny Hodge

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  1. Hey whats up Mr. Wells Its been a long time. If you see this we was going to try to see your fight but i guess you have to be 21 to be allowed. Good luck though man

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