WAR GODS V takes place tonight, Saturday May 30th, from the Viejas Casino in Alpine, California.  PRO MMA (promma.info) will be providing live round by round updates and results during the event. You can watch all the LIVE MMA action through the online WEBCAST brought to you by PRO MMA (promma.info) in association with Go Fight Live beginning at 8:30 PM CT/6:30 PM PT.

WAR GODS V quick results:
Lew Polley def. Vernon “Tiger” White by unanimous decision
Steve Magdaleno def. Carlos Garsas by armbar rd1
Joe Duarte def. David Gardner by TKO (strikes) rd1
Bryan Travers def. Tom Belt by unanimous decision
Tarec Saffiedine def. Mike “Showtime” Aryano by keylock rd1
Rick Slaton def. Salah Zabian by TKO (strikes) rd1
Bailey Byrne def. Mentoa McKenzie by triangle choke rd1
Leland Gridley def. Jorge Sanchez by armbar rd2
Gareth Joseph def. Jose Diaz by TKO (strikes) rd1

(MW) Bailey Byrne vs. Mentoa McKenzie
rd1 – McKenzie is a late replacement from Team Quest. Byrne is from Hawaii. Both fighters are making their pro debut. Takedown by McKenzie easily and early. Byrne locks in a triangle and McKenzie taps out. Short and sweet. Baily Byrne defeats McKenzie by submission (triangle choke) in round 1

(WW) Tarec Saffiedine vs. Mike “Showtime” Aryano
rd1 – Tarec catches MIke’s kick and dumps him to his back. Tarec has side control. They stand up. Clinched. Tarec gets another takedown and gets north/south position. Tarec sinks in a keylock and Mike taps. Tarec Saffiedine defeats Mike Aryano by keylock submission in round 1 (2:45)

(160 lbs.) Leland Gridley vs. Jorge Sanchez
rd1 – Takedown by Gridley. Sanchez went for a gogoplata but Gridley escapes. Big punch by Gridley from standing position to Sanchez still on the ground. Gridley almost has mount and Sanchez reverses. They stand. Gridley goes for a takedown but ends up on the bottom and received a cut in the process. They stop to check the cut then restart the action. Round ends in clinch.
rd2 – Sanchez attempts a standing guillotine that looks like Gridley’s neck will break but Gridley finally escapes on the ground. Sanchez goes for a kimura and gets it in very deep but somehow Gridley gets out, they stand and Gridley gets a takedown and goes for an armbar. Sanchez taps out. Leland Gridley defeats Jorge Sanchez by armbar submission in round 2 (2:28)

(195 lbs.) Jose Diaz vs. Gareth Joseph
rd1 – Joseph throws one big leg kick. Joseph lands another big leg kick that immediately causes Diaz to hobble. Joseph attacks as Diaz goes to the ground. Joseph takes Diaz’s back and is pounding his face. Joseph flattens Diaz out with hooks in and just keeps pounding the sides of his head until the ref is forced to stop it. Gareth Joseph defeats Jose Diaz by TKO (strikes) in round 1 (1:20)

(165 lbs.) Carlos Garsas vs. Steve Magdaleno
rd1 – Magdaleno gets the takedown and delivers big ground n’ pound, then passes to side control, then to full mount. Garsas escapes out the back door but is immediately taken back down and goes right back to the ground n’ pound. Magdaleno moves to full mount, Garsas tries to give up his back and buck out but Magdaleno grabs an armbar, sinks it in causing the tap. Steve Magdaleno defeats Carlos Garsas by armbar submission in round 1 (3:30)

(LW) Bryan Travers vs. Tom Belt
rd1 – The guys start out exchanging and end up in a clinch that the ref separates. Big left hand from Belt. Travers gets a takedown and then full mount, delivering ground and pound.
rd2 – Nice takedown by Travers. Knee by Travers on the ground. Uppercut from Belt as they stand up, clinched, big slam by Travers and lands in side control. Kimura attemp from Travers, then transitions to full mount and lands ground n’ pound until the bell sounds.
rd3 – Big left hook from Travers stuns Belt, they clinch and are dirty boxing and throwing knees from the clinch. They separate, Travers comes in and picks up Belt, huge slam from Travers. Travers gets full mount and starts landing hammer-fists and ground and pound. Travers looks for an armbar but the bell sounds. Bryan Travers defeats Tom Belt by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)

(195 lbs.) Salah Zabian vs. Rick Slaton
rd1 – Slaton starts off with two big leg kicks that stun Zabian, Slaton grabs the muay thai plum and lands two big knees to the head. Ref stops the action to put Zabian’s gum shield back in. Slaton lands a huge leg kick that knocks Zabian to the ground and Slaton jumps on top of him and punches away until the ref stops it. Rick Slaton defeats Salah Zabian by TKO (strikes) in round 1 (:56)

(LW) David Gardner vs. Joe Duarte
rd1 – Clinch, judo throw by Gardner. Gardner traps Duarte’s arm and lands two big shots while on top. Duarte escapes and they get up. Nice exchange. Gardner throws Duarte again, they get up, another good exchange. Gardner is rocked. Duarte drops Gardner with a big shot, the ref steps in to stop it but lets it go. Gardner gets up and Duarte lands a huge uppercut that drops Gardner and Duarte keeps pounding until the ref stops it. Joe Duarte defeats David Gardner by TKO (strikes) in round 1 (2:41)

(LHW) Vernon White vs. Lew Polley
rd1 – Polley takes White down immediately. Polley was a division 1 wrestler. White turtles up and Polley is landing big knees to Vernon’s side. White is just staying turtled, ref looks concerned but he gives the thumbs up. Ref stands them up. Big slam by Polley. White looks for a triangle. White turtles up again and looks for a kimura. Polley gets out and lands some ground n’ pound. Polley looks for kimura.
rd2 – Left punch by White. Polley rushes in for a takedown and starts with the ground n’ pound. White hangs tough. Polley remains on top of White for most of the round. Polley has full mount and looks for a kimura. THE REF STANDS PLLEY UP WHILE HE IS IN FULL MOUNT AND WHILE HE IS TRYING TO TWEAK A KIMURA!!! Bell sounds.
rd3 – Leg kick by White. Takedown at will by Polley. White turtles up. They both stand up. Big flying knee by White. Polley shoots by White finally sprawls and goes for a guillotine. Polley gets out and gets on top of White. White looking for a kimura but Polley stands up with the kimura and escapes. They are clinched while standing and the ref separates them. Big left hand from White. Polley catches White’s kick and they clinch. That’s it. Lew Polley defeats Vernon White by unanimous decision (30-28, 29-28, 30-27)

The announce the next WAR GODS card will take place on June 20th.

By: Jack Bratcher

3 thoughts on “WAR GODS V – play by play and live results”
  1. hey, thanks for the writeup, even sherdog had nothing. Daddy-duty prevented my attendance, did you manage any pics or anything?
    Was the standup from full mount while attempting a sub as bad as it sounds? Reminds me of Big Country on Arlovski…

  2. That stand up was ABSOLUTELY ridiculous no doubt it was. Probably the worst standup I have ever seen in my life from that ref. It made no sense. Dude was in full mount literally in a kimura attempt. Clearly he knew nothing of the ground game. Other than that though, it was a good night. –sorry no pics. We did the play by play from the webcast.

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