DREAM 9 took place Tuesday May 26th at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan. Those who are lucky enough to have HDNet will be able to check the fights live at 5 am EST. For the rest of you, PRO MMA (promma.info) will be providing live round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the whole card.

DREAM 9 quick results

Featherweight Grand Prix
Joe Warren def. Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto by split decision
Hideo Tokoro def. Abel Cullum by sub. (rear naked choke) rd2
Hiroyuki Takaya def. Yoshiro Maeda by TKO (Gn’P) rd1
Bibiano Fernandes def. Masakazu Imanari by unanimous decision
Super Hulk Tournament
Gegard Mousasi def. Mark Hunt by sub. (keylock) rd1
Ikuhisa Minowa def. Bob Sapp by sub. (Achilles lock) rd1
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou def. Jan Nortje by TKO (Gn’P) rd1
Hong Man Choi def. Jose Canseco by TKO (Gn’P) rd1
Non-tournament bout
Tatsuya Kawajiri def. Gesias Cavalcante by unanimous decision
DREAM Middleweight Championship
Jason Miller vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (no contest due to cut) rd1

We are now live!

Bob Sapp vs. Ikuhisa Minowa
Round 1

Minowa is in one a single. Sapp defends and ends up in Minowa’s half guard. It appears as if Sapp is working for a Kimura lock. Minowa gives up his back, but reverses and ends up in Sapp’s guard. Minowa sets up an Achilles lock from the top and Sapp taps out.
Ikuhisa Minowa defeats Bob Sapp via Submission (Achilles lock)

Hong Man Choi vs. Jose Canseco
Round 1

Canseco goes for an overhand right that doesn’t land clean. He tries to stick and move to the body. Choi reaches with a hook. Canseco comes in and almost gets caught with a knee. He then runs into a jab that backs him up. Canseco throws a side kick and starts to run away from his opponent. Another kick attempt from the major leaguer puts him on his back. Choi brings a ton of ground and pound and Canseco appears to tap out.
Hong Man Choi defeats Jose Canseco via TKO

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Jan Nortje
Round 1

A body kick from Nortje lands, and Sokoudjou gets the body clinch. Sokoudjou goes for the trip, but is unable to drag down the bigger fighter. Nortje digs an underhook, and lands a few knees before the referee breaks them. Front kick from Sokoudjou, and then a body kick. Leg kick lands, and another strong leg kick. Sokoudjou punches his way into a body clinch and gets the takedown. Sokoudjou lands in side control, and pounds away until the stoppage comes in. A few extra shots from Sokoudjou and both camps entire the ring and almost brawl.
Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou defeats Jan Nortje via TKO

Gegard Mousasi vs. Mark Hunt
Round 1

Mousasi bulls his way in and takes Hunt to the ground. He works from side control, and tries to set up a Kimura lock, at first he doesn’t get it, but Mousasi loads it up again and wins the fight by submission.
Gegard Mousasi defeats Mark Hunt via Submission (Kimura lock)

Gesias Cavalcante vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri
Round 1

The fights trade jabs and leg kicks. Kawajiri continues to come in with kick, JZ catches one and lands a tough shot. Kawajiri goes for a shot, JZ defends well and goes for a guillotine choke. It looks like Kawajiri was going to get out, but JZ drops again for the choke. The crowd chants for Kawajiri and he pops his head out in half guard. JZ regains full guard and the referee resets the fighters in the center of ring. Kawajiri lands pitter pat punches from the guard, but nothing major. JZ goes for a triangle, but Kawajiri escapes back to half guard. He then passes to side control, but JZ gets his guard back before any damage is done. JZ kicks Kawajiri away and gets back to his feet, but Kawajiri is able to pull him back down to the ground. Rubber Guard from JZ, but he lets it go. The referee stands the fighters up and gives them both yellow cards. Both fighters throw heavy one/two combinations. Right hand lands for JZ. JZ goes for a single leg, but Kawajiri defends with a good sprawl. The fighters now press each other in the clinch. Knees from Kawajiri, and the referee separates. Good upper cut combination for Kawajiri lands. Head kick misses for JZ, and Kawajiri lands a hard left. Kawajiri goes for a double leg and avoids the guillotine. More rubber guard from JZ. As the bell sounds, hard ground and pound from Kawajiri.
Round 2
JZ tries to establish the jab and gets caught with a hard right. Kawajiri goes for a double leg and gets it. JZ holds onto a guillotine, that isn’t tight. Kawajiri passes to half guard, and lands light strikes. JZ rolls to his knees and gets back to his feet. The two fighters end up in the clinch. The referee breaks them up. Hard right hand to the bottom for Kawajiri, and he comes forward with a combination that doesn’t land but he does finish a takedown. Kawajiri takes the mount. Short right hands to JZ’s face. The referee restarts the fight in the center of the ring. JZ is able to regain half guard. Kawajiri moves back to side control and the round ends.
PRO MMA (promma.info) score Kawajiri
Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Gesias Cavalcante via unanimous decision

Hideo Tokoro vs. Abel Cullum
Round 1

Right hand in response to a kick for Cullum. Cullum is rushing in looking for a takedown, but it not being successful. Tokoro is landing hard leg kicks. Cullum gets a double leg, but Tokoro gets up almost right away. Hard knee to the mid section lands for Tokoro. Tokoro goes for a triangle from the top, then tolls to the bottom and it looks tight. Tokoro pulls down on the head, but Cullum continues to fight. Cullum finally shucks the triangle past, and lands knees and strikes from the back. Tokoro reverses and gets Cullum’s back, who gives up the mount to escape. Tokoro goes for a triangle, but Cullum escapes. Another reversal and this time Cullum is in Tokoro’s guard. Tokoro gets back to his feet. Cullum throws some heavy leather, and Tokoro tries to counter. Double leg takedown for Cullum, which is followed by some tough ground and pound. Tokoro goes double wrist control in guard. Tokoro goes for an omaplata, and uses it to get the sweep. Rubber guard from Cullum. Tokoro does a punch to pass to half guard. Cullum goes for a knee bar, which looks tight at first, but then loose. Cullum goes to the toe hold and eats several stiff kicks. The two fighters end up on their feet, with Cullum in on a double leg. He picks up Tokoro, but he doesn’t slam him down hard. Tokoro rolls to his knees and is able to sweep Cullum and he ends up in mount, but backs off. Tokoro goes for a flying knee against the grounded fighter, but Cullum catches it and goes for a knee bar. The round ends up Cullum throwing some ground and pound.
Round 2
Body kick lands for Tokoro. Cullum catches it and goes for the takedown. Tokoro goes for a rolling kimura, but ends up in mount instead. He goes for an armbar but doesn’t get it. He lands a knee to the head. Cullum rolls to knees and seems very gassed. Tokoro locks in a rear naked choke without the hooks, and Cullum taps out almost right away.
Hideo Tokoro defeats Abel Cullum via Submission (Rear naked choke)

Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Yoshiro Maeda
Round 1

The fighters trade leg kicks. Maeda catches one and takes down Takaya. He lands hards shots from his feet at the downed fighter. Maeda now operates in half guard. He comes with a few shoulder strikes, as he tries to break the lock down. Takaya slickly escapes and avoids two flying knees from Maeda. Both fighters swing big and miss. Hard straight for Maeda. Takaya comes forward and lands a hard right of his own. A flying knee for Maeda misses and he switches to a double leg, but the fighters end up in the clinch. Maeda drops for a leg and gets the takedown after Takaya is forced to let go of the ropes. Maeda passes into half guard and lands some elbows to his opponents thigh. Takaya regains guard and holds Maeda with an over hook. Maeda lands a hard knee shot as Takaya is sitting in the corner. Both fighters are back on their feet and trading shots and leg kicks. Takaya lands some good right hands in close. Maeda goes for a takedown and gets it after the fighters almost go out of the ring. He ends up in mount. The referee stops the fight so the doctor can see the cut in the middle of Takaya’s brow. The fight is then restarted in the center of the ring. Takaya regains half guard. He tries to push away. Maeda lands hard shots from his feet to the downed opponent. Maeda passes back into Takaya’s half guard. The referee stands the fighters back up and gives Takaya a yellow card. Nice counter right for Takaya. Maeda is dropped by another, and follows it up with ground and pound. The referee is forced to save Maeda seconds before bell sounds.
Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Yoshiro Maeda via TKO

Masakazu Imanari vs. Bibiano Fernandes
Round 1

Fernandes catches a leg kick and takes Imanari down right away. He then lets Imanari get back to his feet. Fernandes takes Imanari again and unloads from side control, but then scurries away when he feels the foot lock coming. Solid double leg by Fernandes, and he stands over his grounded opponent. He kicks the legs until the referee stands them up. Fernandes catches the kick and takes Imanari down, but does not follow to the ground. Body kick by Imanari. Another caught kick and takedown, but once again Fernandes does not follow to the ground. Both fighters lightly paw at each other. Body kick from Imanari is caught, and Imanari pulls guard, but Fernandes does not follow. Leg kick by Fernandes. Body kick by Fernandes. Double leg for Fernandes, and Imanari drops to guard. Fernandes kicks at the legs until the referee stands the fighters up. The referee issues a yellow card to Imanari. Double jumping knee for Imanari. Fernandes follows Imanari to the ground and ends up in side control. Fernandes throws a few knees to the head. The referee restarts the fighters in the center of the ring. More knees from Fernandes. The round ends with light punches from Fernandes.
Round 2
A catch and sweep to start the round for Fernandes. Imanari takes a seat in the center of the ring. Fernandes goes for a double and Imanari goes for a flying armbar, which is well defended. The fighters trade leg kicks. Hard leg kick from Fernandes. Imanari flops to his back and Fernandes stands over him and tries to pass. Imanari had the heel hook for a second, but Fernandes was able to escape to his feet. Imanari clinches up, and tries to pull guard again. The referee stands the fighters up and gives Fernandes a yellow card. Imanari seems to be throwing harder shots now, but none are landing. Imanari pulls guard and, but Fernandes stays away. A double and Imanari jumps guard once again. The fight ends with Fernandes thinking about passing.
PRO MMA (promma.info) score Bibiano Fernandes

Bibiano Fernandes defeats Masakazu Imanari via unanimous decision

Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto vs. Joe Warren
Round 1

Both fighters trade leg kicks. Front kick from Kid. Missed kick from Kid. Warren rushes in for a takedown, but gets the clinch. From the clinch Warren lands multiple kicks and upper cuts. Kid clinches tighter and lands a knee of his own. Warren scores with a throw and ends up in Kid’s guard. Warren throws a knee to the buttocks. The referee turns them back to the center. Warren throws little shots from the guard. Kid pushed away with feet on the hips, but Warren get back on top. Short pick up and slam for Warren. The referee stops the fight to check a fight over Kid’s left eye, and he gives Kid a yellow card. The fight restarts on the feet. Two front kicks for Kid land. Right hand staggers Warren. Warren bull rushes in for the clinch. Body kick from Kid. Kid counters a rush with a right hook. Warren clinches kid in the corner. Kid turns him around and lands a knee. Warren’s bull rush in continually being countered with hard shots from Kid. Three high knees from Joe Warren. Warren presses Kid into the corner and lands a few upper cuts as they split. Body kick from Kid and then a leg kick. Knee and right straight punch from Warren. A body kick lands for Kid, but it is caught and Warren gets a takedown that was almost a slam. Kid throws the legs up from his back, but doesn’t come close to a submission. Hammerfists for Warren. The round ends with Warren on top and in control.
Round 2
Bull rush countered with a right. Body kick from Kid. Hard knee from Kid, but Warren is not phased. Another body kick from Kid. Big left hand from Kid. Another hard shot from Kid, but Warren continues to come forward. A body kick from Kid is caught, and Warren tries to finish a high crotch, but Kid makes it a clinch. Leg kick for Kid. Joe Warren finishes a single leg, and Kid is on his back again. Kid rolls up for an armbar, but Warren squashed him and escaped. Kid gets feet on hips and the referee stands them up. Hard short right hand from Kid that cuts Warren. Kid circles out of a Warren clinch attempt. The fighters trade knees from the clinch. Warren takes Kid down again and rains light shots from the guard. With twenty seconds left he turns on the strikes. At the bell Kid tries for an armbar but comes up short.
Joe Warren defeats Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto vis split decision

Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza
Round 1

Mayhem looks like he wants to establish the jab. Jacare takes him down with a double, but Mayhem easily gets back to his feet. Jacare pushed Mayhem up in the corner, but Mayhem is able to separate. A kick from Jacare is caught and he falls to the mat. Mayhem follows up with an illegal soccer kick that causes a cut on the top of Jacare’s head. The referee stops the fight, so that the doctor can examine the cut. The fighters are allowed to continue on their feet. Jacare takes Mayhem down with a body lock. Mayhem regains guard. Jacare tries to pass, and Mayhem is able to get back to his feet. The referee stops the fight again to check the cut for the second time. The referee explains that the accidental illegal blow resulted in a cut, so the fight is a no contest.

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  2. Sapp losing to the much smaller Minowa isn’t good for Lashley. I know Minowa has a ton of more experience but still it has to put a little pressure on Lashley to beat Sapp.

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