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PRO MMA ( was cage side at “Gameness Fighting Championship 3” Saturday night May 2, 2009 at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. “UFC Fight Night 18” was the first pro MMA show in Nashville, but “GFC 3” was the first local MMA show to feature pro fights.

The star of the night was undoubtedly Josh “The Warhammer” Schockman who battled through adversity and showed great heart in his light heavyweight main event fight with Joe Lewis. Reminiscent of his UFC 65 fight against Jake O’Brien, Schockman, who is an excellent striker, was taken down early in round one. However, unlike his fight with O’Brien (Schockman’s ground game has improved tremendously since then and in fact, he is training with O’Brien now), and even though he was put in a VERY deep guillotine, Schockman showed great defense, escapes, and reversals while on the ground.

Early In round two “The Warhammer” landed a solid body kick to the ribs of Lewis that dropped him to the ground and as Schockman moved in to finish his opponent, Lewis tapped out due to an apparent rib injury the kick had caused. Nasvhille’s own UFC veteran had won and the crowd went nuts. There are whispers Schockman could be headed back to one of the “big shows” soon.

Josh Schockman flies in on Joe Lewis
"The Warhammer" Schockman flies in on Joe Lewis

Fight Theatre” was also in attendance filming the bouts to feature on their program which is to debut on “The Fight Network” at the end of May. Stay tuned to PRO MMA ( for more news about that soon.

Gameness Fighting Championship 3

  • (HW) Lorenz Larken def Wendell Mitchell by KO rd1 1:44
  • (WW) Prince Speights def Garrette Haynes by armbar rd1 4:22
  • (MW) Donte Lawson def JP Felty by TKO rd2 :10
  • (BW) Dustin Ortiz def Adam Baker by rear choke rd1 1:22
  • (MW) Mike Hackney def Derek Bailey by TKO rd1 2:43

grappling match

  • (WW) Dan Head def Gerrick Hayes by triangle (grapple only)

Tennessee Featherweight Title Fight

  • (FW) Cody Floyd def Bryan Tidwell by triangle rd1 1:21

professional MMA fights

  • (MW) Sean Spencer def Ryan Delerenzo by KO rd3 3:28
  • (LHW) Josh Schockman def Joe Lewis by sub (kick) rd2 1:26
Wendell Mitchell is hurt

(Heavyweights) Lorenz Larkin vs Wendell Mitchell
rd1 – Lorenz Larkin comes out finding the striking range early landing leg kicks and right hands. Then at 1:44 of the very first round Larkin lands a big right hand and knocks Wendell Mitchell flat out right in front of us. Lorenz Larkin defeats Wendell Mitchell by KO RD 1

JP Felty looking to choke Donte Lawson

(Welterweights) Prince Speights vs Garrette Haynes
Prince Speights gets an early take-down. After some ground and pound Speights passes to half guard and attempts a Kimora that fails to submit Hayes. Speights then went for an arm bar and Hayes was able to reverse the position momentarily. Speights once again regained a dominant position. This time the mount was able to produce an arm bar submission at 4:23 of round one. Prince Speights (NMMA) defeats Garrette Haynes by Arm Bar RD 1

(Middleweights) Donte Lawson vs JP Felty
Donte Lawson landed a big right hand early that knocked out Felty’s mouthpiece. Felty appears to have a wrestling advantage but Lawson’s aggressive striking wins round one. Round two begins with Lawson landing a flurry of punches at the opening bell that knocks Felty down against the cage and forces the referee to stop the fight just 10 seconds into round two. Donte Lawson (NMMA) defeats JP Felty by TKO RD 2

Cody Floyd attempts trianle on Tidwell

(Bantamweights) Dustin Ortiz vs Brandon Shelton
Dustin Ortiz quickly takes advantage of his strength and skill on the ground as he immediately takes down Shelton. Shelton had a moment where he attempted a toe hold and received some wicked shots to the ribs for his trouble. Dustin quickly reverses the position, gained Shelton’s back and submitted him by Rear Naked Choke at 1:22 of round one. Dustin Ortiz (NMMA) defeats Brandon Shelton by RNC RD 1

(Featherweights) Cody Floyd vs Bryan Tidwell
Fast action early as both fighters come out aggressive. Floyd takes Ortiz down and unexpectedly finds himself defending an ankle lock attempt by Ortiz. Floyd then reverses the position and gained full guard. Floyd then attempted a triangle choke then transitioned to an arm bar and earned the submission at 1:21 of the first round. Cody Floyd defeats Bryan Tidwell (NMMA) by Arm Bar RD 1

(Welterweights) Grappling Match – Dan Head defeats Gerrick Hayes by triangle choke.

Ryan Delerenzo needed some oxygen

(Middleweights) Mike Hackney vs Derek Bailey
rd1 – This fight started fast with both fighters getting off early.Bailey shot in and Hackney sprawled beautifully. The fight transitioned to the ground with both fighters having moments of control. Hackney eventually gained the advantage in the ground and pound exchanges and the ref was forced to save Bailey at 2:43 of round one. Mike Hackney (NEMESIS) defeats Derek Bailey by TKO RD 1

(Middleweights) Sean Spencer vs Ryan Delerenzo (NMMA)
rd1 – Spencer begins aggressively, chasing Delerenzo around the cage. Spencer takes Delerenzo down but is not effective on the mat and lets Ryan up. After landing a few more big shots Spencer gets some of his own medicine, is rocked by a right hand, and taken down by Delerenzo at the bell. Round one to Spencer.
rd2 – Round two is a vicious kick boxing match with Delerenzo landing good leg kicks, and Spencer effective with right hands. A take-down late gives Delerenzo a near RNC submission, but Spencer made the bell and round two is too close to call.
rd3 – Round three proves to be Delerenzo’s demise. Spencer continues to land combinations until finally connecting with a brutal right. Delerenzo is knocked out by Spencer at 3:28 of round number three. Sean Spencer defeats Ryan Delerenzo (NMMA) KO RD 3

Joe Lews took Schockman down early

(Light Heavyweights) Josh Schockman vs Joe Lewis
rd1 – Round one starts with Lewis shooting and taking down Schockman. Lewis has good control on the ground. That would be the theme for the entire round as Lewis holds Schockman down till the bell sounds. Lewis did manage to open a small cut over Josh’s right eye but not enough damage to warrant concern from Schockman. Round one to Lewis with the lay and pray.
rd2 – Round two begins with Schockman landing a big side kick that sends Lewis to the mat in pain. Lewis is hurt bad enough to induce a delayed tap at 1:26 of round three due to damage inflicted by the kick. Josh Schockman (NMMA) defeats Joe Lewis by submission (kick causes rib injury)

By: Ted Smith/Jack Bratcher

3 thoughts on “Josh Schockman lays down the hammer at “Gameness Fighting Championship 3” – play-by-play & results”
  1. Lorenz Larkin is no joke. That guy will be in a big show in the next year or so he has sick Ko power

  2. Larkin does look to have potential, I am saying that besed on watching previous fights. Because to be honest my 4 year old son would of beaten the guy Larkin fought. I mean does that guy even train? He was about 300 with 60% bodyfat, no technique at anything and he had boxer briefs on.

  3. The Delorenzo/ Spencer fight was the fight of the night. They were slugging it out, and Delorenzo landed about 15 unchecked leg kicks. Spencer had some great boxing and landed some crisp shots to end it. I think if Delorenzo would have taken it down a few times, he would have won. He seemed to beat Spencer on the ground for the brief time they were there.

    I was surprised the guy tapped in the Shockman fight. It seemed to come out of no where. But as the PbP reads, it was a delayed reaction to a kick from Shockman.

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