On Sunday March 15, 2009 live mixed martial arts action comes to Clarksville, Tennessee at Kickers night club. Doors open at 4pm CST and fights start at 5pm CST. Clarksville is about forty minutes north of Nashville. This will be Clarksville’s first official MMA event since the sport was sanctioned in Tennessee in 2008. 

Local teams represented at this event include John Renken’s Team Havoc from Clarksville MMA and Mike Merriman’s Team Wildside from Olympic 24 HR Gym. Other MMA gyms from Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri will also be sending fighters to compete on the card. Local pro fighter, Johnathan Ivey, whose last three fights have been against Sam Hoger, Gan McGee, and Ricco Rodriguez, will be the referee.


185 Brian Brooks (7–2) vs. Matt Kloss (7–5)
145 Chris Coggins (3–0) vs. Brian Horton (5–0)
HW John Doerr (1–1) vs. Tommy White (3–3)
HW Nate Doerr (0–0) vs. Marcus Harris (0–1)
205 Rick Starks (6–3) vs. Jason Morgan (3–0)
185 Jeff Willy (2-1) vs. Zach Taylor (1–0)
185 Josh Lanceburg (4-1) vs. David Powers (12–3)
145 Jeremy Morin (0–0) vs. Jimmy Garner (6–4)
HW Dan Eaton (1–0) vs. Perry Carr (2–3)
155 Darelle Marque (0–0) vs. Robert Armstrong (1-0)
155 Chris Mathews (4-1) vs. Delvonte Gathwrite (7–8)
170 Barry braden (0–1) vs. Derrick Williams (7–6)
170 Tyler Mcbride (0–0) vs. Addison Austin (0–0)

For tickets or more information about this event call 270-305-9597 or check out www.stunnerfightgear.com.

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