UFC 96: JACKSON vs. JARDINE took place Saturday, March 7, 2009, in Columbus, Ohio. PRO MMA (promma.info) provided live results for the preliminary card beginning at 7pm CST/5pm PST and round by round updates for the main card starting at 9pm CST/7pm PST.

Quinton Jackson secured his position as number one contender for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title with a win over Keith Jardine in the main event. He will face the champion, Rashad Evans on May 23, 2009.

The PRO MMA (promma.info ) “Knockout of the Night” unquestionably goes to Matt Hamill for a devastating head kick KO that knocked Mark Munoz out cold. It was unexpected, extremely loud, and a beautiful example of the progression this wrestler turned MMA fighter has made. Here are the full results:


Quick Results:
Shane Nelson def. Aaron Riley by TKO (punch) rd.1
Brandon Vera def. Michael Patt by TKO (kicks) rd.2
Jason Brilz def. Tim Boetsch by unanimous decision
Kendall Grove def. Jason Day by TKO (punch & elbows) rd.1
Tamdan McCrory def. Ryan Madigan by TKO (gn’p) rd.1
Gray Maynard def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision
Matt Hamill def. Mark Munoz by KO (head kick) in rd. 1.
Matt Brown def. Pete Sell by TKO (strikes) in rd. 1
Shane Carwin def. Gabriel Gonzaga by KO (punch) in rd. 1
Quinton Jackson def. Keith Jardine by unanimous decision

Jason Brilz vs. Tim Boetsch
rd.1 – Good round as both guys land some good punches and kicks. Brilz gets a takedown but Boetsch is able to get back to his feet. Boetsch probably won that round.
rd.2 – Great round for Brilz. He got the take-down early and kept control most of the round. Landed multiple knees to the body and good ground and pound.
rd.3 – Almost a repeat of round two, Brilz gets the take-down again, got the full mount and worked Boetsch over. Boetsch had nothing for him. Jason Brilz defeats Tim Boetsch by unanimous decision

Brandon Vera vs. Michael Patt
rd.1 – Vera landed some great powerful leg kicks. Patt landed a good head kick that was partially blocked. Vera definitely won the round.
rd.2 – In perfect muay thai fashion Brandon Vera continued his aggressive reign on Patt’s legs, chopping the former kickboxing champ down. At 1:27 of the round, the ref calls it while Patt is on the ground and can not get up. Brandon Vera defeated Michael Patt by TKO (leg kicks) in rd. 2

Tamdan McCrory vs. Ryan Madigan
rd.1 – Tamdan gets the take-down early in the round where he attempts a triangle from the mount but Madigan escapes. At one point Madigan went for a leg lock to no dice. McCrory maintains top control the entire time moving from side control to full mount where he lands an elbow and punches that cuts open Madigan. The ref stops it. Tamdan McCrory defeats Ryan Madigan by TKO in rd.1

Kendall Grove vs. Jason Day
rd.1 – Jason Day comes out looking llike a miniature Patrick Cote. Day throws some stuff but nothing significant. Grove lands a leg kick and then a big right hand that drops Day to the ground and follows up with elbows. Day is out at 1:32 of the opening round. Kendall pays homage to the KO and maybe Tito Ortiz with a traditional “dig a grave and bury you” performance. Kendall Grove defeats Jason Day by KO (punch & elbows) in rd. 1

Gray Maynard vs. Jim Miller
rd.1 – Miller landed one good kick to the body, other than that it was all Maynard. Maynard busted MIller’s nose as Miller was going for a single leg take-down. Maynard landed some decent punches that busted up Miller’s face.
rd.2 – Maynard continued to land good punches damaging Miller’s face. Miller tried for another take-down but could not get it. Miller had some good leg kicks.
rd.3 – Gray Maynard kept the fight standing by choice until he picked Miller up and slammed him. Miller went for a leg-bar but Maynard escaped. Maynard looks much improved on his feet and picked up the victory against a very game and hard hitting Jim Miller. Gray Maynard defeats Jim Miller by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Pete Sell vs. Matt Brown
rd.1 – Matt Brown comes out lands some punches then a big head kick, Sell drops to the ground and in a UFC first, the ref actually pulls Brown off Sell to stop the fight but sees that Sell is getting up and lets the fight continue. Matt continues to dish out punches and kicks rocking Sell. Sell somehow survives but is taking a beating, finally after another knockdown and after Brown’s pleading to the ref to stop the fight before Sell takes any more damage, the ref steps in. Matt Brown defeats Pete Sell by TKO (strikes) in rd. 1

Matt Hamill vs. Mark Munoz
rd.1 – Matt Hamill was landing some good punches and a combination leg kick / punch that looked good. Munoz went for a take-down but Hamill stuffed it easily. It was Munoz’s first time in the UFC and you could tell Hamill was much more comfortable. After halfway through the round Hamill had Munoz backed against the cage, Hamill had not thrown one kick yet, but he throws a high kick, his shin connects to Munoz’s head and he was knocked out cold. It was loud and hard and a beautiful KO for “The Hammer.” Matt Hamill defeats Mark Munoz by KO (head kick) in rd. 1

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Shane Carwin
This is a big important fight. These guys are huge and someone could get hurt in this damn thing. This sh*t is no f*ck*ng joke right here.
rd.1 – Well, the guys come out, Carwin swings. Gonzaga lands some big punches that roll Carwin’s eyes back and he is rocked but grabs hold of Gonzaga and is able to recover. Gonzaga trips Carwin for the take-down but Carwin is able to get back to his feet. They both swing but Carwin lands a short right that drops Gonzaga to the ground against the cage. Carwin follows it up but there is no need as the fight is over at just 69 seconds into the round. Shane Carwin comes back from adversity to get the win. Shane Carwin defeats Gabriel Gonzaga by KO in rd. 1

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Keith Jardine
UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Rashad Evans reaffirms he has not interest in fighting Keith Jardine. It will be interesting how this plays out if Jardine wins this fight because Dana White has repeatedly stated they WILL fight each other.
rd.1 – Jardine wins the round by punches and leg kicks. Rampage landed a couple of punches but Jardine landed more shots.
rd.2 – Rampage drops Jardine in this round however, Jardine recovered and rocked Rampage with an uppercut and followed up with some good strikes. Rampage got a takedown and Jardine landed some great kicks and leg kicks. Rampage most likely won this round.
rd.3 – Jardine continued with multiple leg kicks and some punches. He attempted a take-down once but it was stuffed. Rampage got a take-down but Jardine got right up. Rampage dropped Jardine near the end of the round with a big shot. Quinton Jackson defeats Keith Jardine by unanimous decision 29-28,29-28,30-27

Rampage’s next fight will be on May 23rd at UFC 98 where he will meet Rashad Evans for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title. They met in the Octagon tonight after the fight and got in each other’s face and talked some trash. It definitely got heated and this fight is going to be vicious.

By: Jack Bratcher

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