Referee Yves Lavigne admits he screwed up

As PRO MMA ( was covering UFC 96 this past Saturday night, we were witness to one of the strangest moments inside the Octagon in recent memory. The curious thing is, it had nothing to do with the actions of a fighter, rather it had to do with a peculiar call made by referee, Yves Lavigne, during the match between Matt Brown and Pete Sell.

Brown started the fight with a head kick that was partially blocked, but then hit Sell with a big left right combination that dropped him. Brown continued to land punches until Lavigne stepped in between the fighters and grabbed hold of Matt Brown to stop the assault, but then Lavigne seemed to have a change of heart and backed off after he saw Sell moving and starting to recover. Then much to the shock of Brown and everyone else, he ordered the fight to continue.

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THE INFO episode 14 – PRO MMA podcast

Editor In Chief Jack Bratcher joined Matt De La Rosa and “Fast Eddie” Constantine on this weeks edition of THE INFO. The PRO MMA ( staff discussed UFC 96, DREAM, the UFC Heavyweight Division and Yves Lavgine. WAMMA’s official women’s rankings became a hot topic of discussion and in turn so did the WAMMA ranking … Read more

Winners & losers – UFC 96 fighter salaries

The total disclosed payroll for UFC 96 that took place on March 7 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, was $762,000. Number one light heavyweight contender, Quinton Jackson was the big winner of the night, taking home $225,000 plus a $100,000 win bonus for a total of $325,000. 

In stark contrast to Jackson’s salary, the low man on the totem pole was Ryan Madigan. He received a flat $3,000 to lose to “the Barn Cat.”

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UFC 96 post-fight press conference & interview with Rampage (videos)

Will Rampage take his title shot in May?
Will Rampage take his title shot in May versus Rashad Evans?

From fighter interviews and previews, to the post-fight press conference and more, we here at PRO MMA ( bring UFC fans the most complete coverage possible of every UFC event. UFC 96 bonuses are announced and the fighters take questions from the media at the post-fight presser. UFC President, Dana White, expresses his displeasure about the late stoppage of the Pete Sell vs. Matt Brown fight and goes on to talk about MMA referees in general and who he thinks does an admirable job. Keith Jardine says that a referee told him after the fight he lost the decision in the last ten seconds. All this and much more…
UFC 96: JACKSON vs. JARDINE post-fight press conference part 1
UFC 96: JACKSON vs. JARDINE post-fight press conference part 2

Interview with Rampage and Evans vs. Rampage in-ring trash talk video after the jump…

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Dana White UFC 96 video blog #5

Here it is; PRO MMA ( is proud to feature the UFC President’s final video blog for UFC 96. Viewers get to see Dana and other people’s reaction at cage-side when the referee in the Matt Brown vs. Pete Sell fight stepped in to stop the fight for a TKO but then apparently changed his mind and allowed it to go on, and go on, and go on, while Sell continued to take enormous amounts of punishment.

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UFC 96: A night of many stories

Despite what many called a lackluster main event between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine, UFC 96 proved to be a night of many story lines, and a night of finishes, with 7 of the 10 bouts ending by either KO or TKO.

It was supposed to be one sided and it was predicted to be over within a couple of minutes of the first round. It turned into a back and forth battle between former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and the upset specialist Keith Jardine.

Jardine survived the first minute of the fight, and several big shots from Jackson, and used his “herky-jerky” style to slow down “Rampage” at times, in addition to using his leg kicks that he is famous for. In the end it was not enough, but Jardine once again proved his gameness and toughness pushing the fight to the judges. Jackson used his patented left hook to put an exclamation point on the fight, dropping Jardine at the bell in the final round.

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UFC 96 – Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Keith Jardine, and Matt Hamill earn $60K “Fight Night” bonuses

“Fight Night” bonuses were given out to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Keith Jardine for “Fight of the Night”, while Matt Hamill earned “Knockout of the Night” with his highlight reel head kick KO of Mark Munoz.

The UFC’s trip to Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio was a success despite what many considered to be a lackluster main event, and the absence of any belt on the line. The fighters were awarded $60,000 for their efforts, which is down from $65,000 that was handed out at UFC 94 in January.

Although there were no title fights taking place at UFC 96, there were several story lines to follow, in addition to some very important fights to determine top billing in a couple of divisions.

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UFC 96: JACKSON vs JARDINE live round by round results

UFC 96: JACKSON vs. JARDINE took place Saturday, March 7, 2009, in Columbus, Ohio. PRO MMA ( provided live results for the preliminary card beginning at 7pm CST/5pm PST and round by round updates for the main card starting at 9pm CST/7pm PST.

Quinton Jackson secured his position as number one contender for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title with a win over Keith Jardine in the main event. He will face the champion, Rashad Evans on May 23, 2009.

The PRO MMA ( ) “Knockout of the Night” unquestionably goes to Matt Hamill for a devastating head kick KO that knocked Mark Munoz out cold. It was unexpected, extremely loud, and a beautiful example of the progression this wrestler turned MMA fighter has made. Here are the full results:

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