Jared Shaw, affectionately known as “Skala”, has finally surfaced after months of absence from the public eye. He recently gave an interview to another man who has been taking a little break as well, Ariel Helwani.

In this new interview, ‘Skala’ talks about his time with ELITE XC, his accomplishments with helping to jumpstart the careers of a few now well-known fighters and the things he would have like to have done differently, given the chance.

He has one major regret out of his time with ELITE XC and that is the fact he stood up screaming when Kimbo Slice got knocked out by Seth Petruzelli on national TV. Shaw said now when you ‘Google’ his name inevitably that picture comes up. As the Editor of PRO MMA (promma.info) I’m proud to say we contributed to the cause. In fact we even had a ‘picture slogan’ contest in honor of that very memorable moment in MMA history.

Here is how ‘Skala’ describes it:

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently during your time with EliteXC? …Obviously, I wish I wasn’t standing up when Kimbo got hit (by Seth Petruzelli on October 4th), and I wish that I didn’t have such a close, personal relationship with Kevin Ferguson (aka Kimbo Slice) that it looked like an injustice because it was never that. I am a straight shooter, I am very kosher.

The general consensus on why Jared Shaw was having a meltdown on national TV was basically he was infuriated the referee had stopped the fight in Seth Petruzelli’s favor and that he thought the fight was stopped too early. However, Shaw explains the situation differently:

Why did you react that way? Do you wish you could have controlled your emotions a little better? …me standing up had nothing to do with the knockdown. There’s some people who know the story of why I was standing, and I don’t want to get into it, but it evolved into a legal issue outside of the cage. When the bell rang, I just happened to be getting to my seat. It was 12 seconds, you can’t sit down quick enough. So, yeah, I wish I could have contained my emotions so people would have a different picture painted of Jared Shaw.

According to him there was some kind of “legal issue outside the cage?” “12 seconds and he can’t sit down quick enough?” What the heck is he even talking about? The only legal issue outside the cage in that picture is Shaw himself acting like a maniac and disturbing the peace.

You can find out what else ‘Skala’ has been up to and if there are any plans for his return to MMA in Ariel’s interview at his new home with VERSUS.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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