WEC 39: BROWN vs GARCIA takes place tonight, March 1, in Corpus Christi, Texas. We have collected the predictions for each fight from the PRO MMA (promma.info) staff elders. Check them out and then share with us your thoughts on who looks like they know what they are talking about and which staff member may be way off in left field with their pick (be nice). 

Now that the heavier WEC weight classes have been merged with the UFC, the lighter weight class fighters will be getting more chances to shine. It may take some time to get used to a lot of these new names, but these little dudes can scrap! Little guys like bantamweights, Marcos Galvao and Damacio Page are going to show the world what 135 pounds of solid muscle and speed can do.

Here are the PRO MMA (promma.info) ‘STAFF PICKS’ for WEC 39:

Mike Brown vs. Leonard Garcia
DENNY: Leonard Garcia – Despite Leonard Garcia’s one punch KO power, Mike Brown has never been knocked out. Garcia is a very resilient fighter with tons of heart, and I believe Mike Brown will use his superior grappling to try to neutralize Garcia’s power. However, maybe Brown will be a thinking about this defense just a little bit in the back of his mind and will stand with Garcia. I think that is what will happen and Garcia will be the NEW champ at 145 setting up a showdown with Urijah Faber. Garcia by TKO in Round 3.
JACK: Leonard Garcia – Garcia has never been finished. He trains with one of the top camps in the world. He’s tough as nails. They have five rounds to decide a winner and I just feel Garcia will pull it off. I think all of Brown’s losses have come by way of submission so it’s about time for a TKO. Also, he gave us an exclusive interview so he deserves to win! Garcia via TKO in Round 2.
MATT: Mike Brown
EDDIE: Mike Brown

Bart Palaszewski vs. Ricardo Lamas
DENNY: Bart Palaszewski – Lamas steps into this fight as a late replacement and giving up a lot of experience to the veteran Bart Palaszewski. These two factors will equate to a short night for the up and coming prospect, and a first round TKO victory for Palaszewski.
JACK: Bart Palaszeski – Cause of what ^^^ he said.
MATT: Bart Palaszeski
EDDIE: Bart Palaszeski

Jose Aldo vs. Chris Mickle
DENNY: Jose Aldo – The odds on this one are off charts with Aldo being the huge favorite. Mickle is more of a submission guy, and Aldo is the aggressive destruction machine. Aldo’s performances of late have put him in discussions of the title fight picture, and he will add to his resume in this one, taking him one step closer to competing for the gold. Aldo by KO, Round 1
JACK: Chris Mickle – Even though Aldo is the favorite and has only lost one fight, Mickle has a lot more actual fight experience and is a submissio wizard. Aldo’s only loss has come by submission so I’m gonna go out on a limb her and pick Mickle…’pick Mickle’…that’s kind of like Dick Trickle.
MATT: Jose Aldo
EDDIE: Jose Aldo

Rob McCullough vs. Marcus Hicks
DENNY: Rob McCullough – This fight could likely look a lot like the Varner/Hicks fight. If the fight stays on the feet, Hicks will be at a disadvantage again facing “Razor Rob”. Hicks real only chance is catching McCullough in one of his patented fight ending guillotines. McCullough will prove to much for Hicks, earning a TKO in Round 2.
JACK: Rob McCullough – Cause he’s given PRO MMA two exclusive interviews! and because he’s a striking wizard, has a ton of experience, and will jack your shit!
MATT: Rob McCullough
EDDIE: Rob McCullough

Damacio Page vs. Marcus Galvao
DENNY: Damacio Page – Throw a coin on this one. Both fighters have lost to Brian Bowles, with Page coming off a loss, and Galvao only winning 1 of his last three. Galvao is prone for his fights to go the distance, and this one will go to decision with Page earning a split decision victory over the Shooto veteran.
JACK: Damacio Page – Page is coming from Jackson’s Submission Academy. Isn’t that enough reason? Also, every one of Galva’s victories has been by decision. That’s not cool. So I’m going with Page cause he knows how to finish fights.
MATT: Marcos Galvao
EDDIE: Damacio Page

Johny Hendricks vs. Alex Serdyukov
DENNY: Johnny Hendricks – Seryukov is the more experienced fighter in this one, but the surging Hendricks is 4-0 and has finished all his fights. Hendrick’s superior wrestling will be more than enough for him to control and finish this fight in the 2nd round for him to advance to 5-0 and stay undefeated. Hendricks by TKO in Round 2.
JACK: Johnny Hendricks – This is a tough one to call. You’ve got the ‘Russian Crusher’ at 8-4 and Hendricks at 4-0.  I’m going with Hendricks because he doesn’t know what it is to lose yet.
MATT: Johnny Hendricks
EDDIE: Alex Serduykov

Alex Karalexis vs. Greg Mcintyre
DENNY: Alex Karalexis – The former UFC prospect Alex Karalexis, will have no problem with the 5-3 Greg Mcintyre. It’s a good thing for Alex also, as he has dropped his last two and desperately needs another victory in his win column. Karalexis by UD.
JACK: Alex Karalexis – Karalexis has been in there with some of the best, he’s been to the big show and I don’t think Mcintyre is quite ready for him.
MATT: Greg Mcintyre
EDDIE: Alex Karalexis

Phil Cardella vs. Danny Castillo
DENNY: Danny Castillo
JACK: Phil Cardella – Castillo’s only loss has come by way of armbar to Donald Cerrone. Phil Cardella is a submission machine who produces tapout victories like a production line. Cardella via armbar.
MATT: Danny Castillo
EDDIE: Phil Cardella

Rafael Rebello vs. Kenji Osawa
DENNY: Kenji Osawa
JACK: Rafael Rebello – Cause everyone else picked Osawa. Actually I’m not sure why everyone of our guys picked Osawa. Rebello comes from American Top Team and is very well rounded. His only losses have come by decision. Osawa is tough and has a lot of decision victories and defeats but I’m going with Rebello by 2nd round TKO.
MATT: Kenji Osawa
EDDIE: Kenji Osawa

John Franchi vs. Mike Budnik
DENNY: Mike Budnik
JACK: John Franchi – Franchi is undefeated coming into this fight and seems comfortable wherever the fight can go. Budnik is tough but gotta go with Franchi. Maybe a late TKO or submission once Budnik is worn down a bit.
MATT: John Franchi
EDDIE: Mike Budnik

Justin Haskins vs. Mike Pierce
DENNY: Mike Pierce
JACK: Mike Pierce – Pierce is coming into this fight on a three fight win streak whereas Haskins is coming off a loss. I think the momentum for Pierce goes a long way as well as his striking ability. Pierce by TKO.
MATT: Mike Pierce

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