Keep it locked here at PRO MMA ( as we will bringing you the official results and live round-by-round coverage of tonight’s “WEC 39: Brown vs. Garcia” event, taking place at The American Bank Center Arena in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Tonight’s event will be headlined by WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown vs. Leonard Garcia. Brown will be trying to defend his title for the first time against the very scrappy and heavy handed Leonard Garcia. In addition to the title fight, former lightweight champion Rob McCullough and “The Wrecking Ball” Marcus Hicks will face off in their quest to move back up the ladder of the WEC’s lightweight division.


Mike Pierce over Justin Haskins via TKO – 3:39 of Round 3
John Franchi defeated Mike Budnik via split decision
Alex Karalexis over Greg McIntyre via TKO – 4:19 of Round 1
Kenji Osawa defeated Rafael Rebello via split decision
Johny Hendricks over Alex Serdyukov via unanimous decision
Damacio Page defeated Marcos Galvao via knockout – :18 seconds into Round 1
Danny Castillo over Phil Cardella via split decision


Round 1 – Not much action to start as both fighters are hesitant to commit first. It’s 1:30 in before Hicks throws a looping left and steps in for the clinch. Rob delivers a knee from the clinch with Hicks pressed against the cage, but not much action, and the ref steps in for the seperation. Still no action, eliciting boos from the audience. Low kick by Razor Rob, and Hicks changes levels for the take down but is stuffed. Rob is warned twice to let go of the fence, and the ref stops the action again. Nice left by Hicks to the head followed by another left to Rob’s body. Both fighters exchange kicks. End of Round 1.

Round 2 – Hicks connects with a big straight left that drops Rob, and pounces passing to side control and applying a tight guillotine. Rob is on top trying to work free and does. Rob now delivering some ground in pound with quick hammer fists and peppering Hicks with both hands. Both fighters work back to their feet. McCullough lands a low kick, and Hicks counters with a left, but the kick is in the groin. Hicks only takes a few seconds to get back to the fight and we are back at it again. Nice combos now by Rob. Rob is now stalking Hicks and steps in with a big knee to the midsection of Hicks. Rob lands some big shots from the clinch, and mixes in a big kick and straight punches to the body and head of Hicks. Big kick to the body by Rob and he looks comfortable now. Rob steps in and throws a 7 or 8 punch combo before stepping back out. Hicks looks hurt but then lands a big overhand left to the face of Rob near the end of the round.

Round 3 – Both fighters exchanging jabs early in the final round. More jabs with little action 2 minutes in. McCullough throws a head kick but Hicks blocks it, then Hicks lands a nice flush straight left. Inside leg kick by Rob, and Hicks counters with another overhand left to the face of Rob. Rob is mixing up his strikes again nicely with 1:45 to go in the fight. Hicks is just not doing enough to win this fight. Hicks goes for a trip to get the take down but doesn’t get it. Rob is throwing nice punch/kick combos that are being defended pretty good but are still scoring points. Looks like Rob will likely earn a UD victory. Going to the cards.

Rob McCullough by Majority Decision (29-29,30-27,29-28)

Round 1 – Aldo misses with the head kick. Mickle lands a nice shot after Aldo fakes a flying knee. Aldo’s speed is on display but Mickle is hanging in there and showing a lot of toughness. Mickle is really reaching with his jab and with his follow up right hand. Nice stiff jab by Aldo connnects flush. Big knee to the body stuns Mickle and backs him up against the cage. Aldo stalks Mickle and grazes Mickle with a spinning head kick, then follows up with a 10 punch flurry forcing the referee to step in and call the fight.

Jose Aldo by TKO, Round 1

Round 1 – Bart with the low kick early. Bart is feinting with the jab but landing the low kick early. Lamas catches the leg and takes the fight to the ground. Palaszewski is really defending well from his back and is taking very limited damage. Bart is working the high guard and is working for the triangle, but Lamas postures up and lands a couple of big rights. Lamas being careful trying pass the guard but Bart uses his legs to push off and get to their feet. Lamas drops for a single with Bart defending with his back against the cage. Lamas works the fight to the ground, but Bart goes for the kimura from his back. Palaszewski gives up on the arm and eats a big left from Lamas. Lamas dropping bombs, but Bart is defending well. The fight is back on the feet with both fighters exchanging knees until the bell. scores Round 1 for Ricardo Lamas.

Round 2 – Nice kick followed by a right by Lamas, then he follows with a kick that misses to the head. Bart steps in to close the distance and Lamas immediately drops and goes for a take down that is stuffed by Bart. Back to the clinch with Lamas firing off knees in the clinch. Palaszewski works and gains double unders, and Lamas goes for the hip toss, but both are back to the clinch again shortly after. Lamas is keeping Bart tied up and not giving him a chance to throw anything in the stand up game. Lamas shoots for a double, transitions to a single, then gets Bart’s back and goes for the suplex, then throws a kick to the head from a crazy angle. Bart goes for the kimura again, but Lamas powers out and is dropping shots from the top again. Bart just misses with an up kick. Lamas is controlling this fight, but then Bart goes for the arm bar from his back, but loses the arm. Two big up kicks by Bart to the chin of Lamas and tries to work back to his feet, but Lamas fires a right and Bart is on his knees taking shots. Palaszewski stands back up and fires back with a knee and they exchange big shots at the Bell!! scores Round 2 for Ricardo Lamas.

Round 3 – Lamas comes out strong with a nice low kick. Bart comes back with a right uppercut, then a nice kick to the body of Lamas. Flying knee misses Bart, or maybe not. Palaszewski looks like he took it in the cup. Bart is ready to go, and is stalking Lamas knowing he is behind. Nice combo by Bart, but Lamas steps away. Lamas is stepping in for single shots, but is moving backwards more than not. Bart lands another kick but Lamas catches it and is going for another take down and gets it with a big slam. Bart is working for a sweep but Lamas pushes him back down, and grabs an ankle after he stands up and drops another shot from the top. Bart reaches for the guillotine, but is now sitting with his back against the cage. Bart goes for the kimura again but Lamas is controlling the pace and positioning on the ground and is :30 from the upset. Bart kicks off and stands but Lamas is back on him and clinching at the bell. scores Round 3 for Ricardo Lamas, and likely a UD win for Lamas.

Ricardo Lamas upsets and defeats Part Palaszewski by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

CHAMP MIKE BROWN VS. LEONARD GARCIA Featherweight Championship Fight
Round 1 – Both fighters exchange shots, and Brown catches Garcia with a big right hand and Brown pounces with big GNP, and Garcia is defending by pushing off. Brown transitions to his back and the ref calls for him to defend himself. Garcia gives up his back bleeding badly with Brown going for the rear naked choke. Garcia scrambles back to his back and retains full guard. Garcia is scrambling, but Brown is keeping control and dropping elbows. Brown transitions to a head and arm choke and it looks tight. Leonard fights back but the arm triangle is super tight and within moments he taps. Mike Brown has defended his title with a first round submission victory over Leonard Garcia.

Mike Brown defeats Leonard Garcia by submission (Head and Arm choke) in Round 1

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