Todd Middendorp

PRO MMA ( spoke with one of the Middendorp brothers; Todd Middendorp after CCFC-10 came to a close this past Saturday night.

Todd and Tully are both owners and promoters of the northern California promotion. Todd reflected on the evening’s fight card, spoke about the future of Ky Hollenbeck and talked about Cage Combat’s next event.

PRO MMA: In your opinion how successful was tonight’s event?
Middendorp: I hope it’s pretty successful (laughs). I won’t see the numbers until the next day but I go by the fights. I think the fights were exciting. Even though we only had one fight go to a decision, I think all of the fights were evenly matched and you saw a lot of great technique and skill shown out there tonight.

PRO MMA: Was there one fighter on the card that impressed you the most?
Middendorp: They were all impressive. Mitchell, the champion, had a fast arm bar. Ky Hollenbeck…a lot of people thought that he would be over matched because he was only 3-0. Pat Minihan, this was his seventh fight, trains at American Kickboxing Academy with a lot of UFC fighters and a lot of people thought it was going to be an easy fight for Pat. Ky dominated him and I think he had one of the most impressive showings tonight.

PRO MMA: Is a shot at the title going to be the next fight for Hollenbeck?
Middendorp: That is his next fight. A title shot against Jeremiah Metcalfe.

PRO MMA: How soon can we see Cage Combat’s next event?
Middendorp: We are meeting with the venue next week. More likely it is going to be in San Francisco at the end of April or beginning of May. That would be the main event; Ky Hollenbeck against Jeremiah Metcalfe

PRO MMA: Could we possibly see more women’s fights on the next few cards?
Middendorp: Absolutely! I always try and get female fights on every card. The problem is that there is so few female fighters and finding them in the same weight class and same skill set makes it tough. Tonight we lucked out. I thought that (Seaton and Alendal) put on one of the best fights of the night.

PRO MMA: How would you say the Santa Rosa fans reacts to Cage Combat coming into the Grace Pavilion and putting on these events?
Middendorp: We always get a great reception here. Everyone stuck around until the last fight. I’ve been to a lot of fights where by the time it’s the last fight that the place is half empty. They really come out here and support the fighters and give us a great turn out.

PRO MMA: Todd thanks for joining us.
Middendorp: My pleasure. Thank you.

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