It appears that WEC Welterweight Champion, Carlos Condit, could be getting a transfer to the UFC. Parent company, Zuffa, owns both promotions.

The decision to move Condit to the UFC comes on the heels of his scheduled opponent for WEC 39 set for March 1, Brock Larson, having to pull out of the fight due to injury. Condit’s first UFC appearance could be a SPIKE TV televised main event versus Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 18 in Nashville, TN.

The same report indicates that the WEC will most likely go ahead and disband their entire welterweight division which would make sense if they are moving the champion to a different organization. Since Zuffa owns both promotions, UFC and WEC, it appears they are wanting to cut out all coinciding weight classes. The WEC already shut down their light heavyweight and middleweight classes and transferred most of their top fighters from those divisions to the UFC, so it appears the move with Condit fits right into the master plan.

The final weight class that would exist in both the WEC and UFC promotions would be the lightweight division which is ruled by Jamie Varner in the WEC and B.J. Penn in the UFC. Could the WEC really be thinking of scrapping their lightweight division as well? That means they would have only two weight divisions left in place with featherweight and bantamweight.

If the WEC does trim down to only two weight classes, it would seem the perfect time to introduce female weight classes to their organization (as has been speculated in the past). We here at PRO MMA ( have not heard anything official regarding the WEC adding female weight classes to their roster but it would appear to be the next logical course of action if their welterweight and lightweight divisions both get scrapped.

BY:  Jack Bratcher

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