Would you like to be an MMA judge or referee?

Have you ever considered becoming a mixed martial arts referee or judge? Now is your opportunity. At the Extreme Couture – Chicago gym on February 14th there will be a MMA Referee and Judge Informational and Hands-On Seminar presented by Combat Consulting LLC.

Some of the topics that will be covered for MMA judges include judges’ criteria, scoring a bout, and a review of MMA rules and regulations. Some of the topics covered for MMA referees will include fighter inspection, body positioning, and mechanics, and assessing amount of damage. You will not only learn what the jobs are, but most importantly, how to perform them properly with consistency.

The informational portion of this seminar will provide you with vital information in taking your first steps to becoming a qualified official. The hands on workshop offers the opportunity of physically judging and refereeing mock bouts with skilled athletes in a live sparring environment.

If you have already attended the information portion of this seminar, you are eligible to attend the hands on workshop only. Current Combat Consulting officials are offered a special rate on the hands on workshop.

Seminar fees:
Judges information only (2 hours)- $150
Referees information only (2 hours)- $175
Judges information AND hands on- $250
Referees information AND hands on- $275
BOTH Judge & Referee Seminar AND hands on- $500

Please contact Robert Hinds @ roberth@combatconsulting.net for registration information.

Combat Consulting LLC is a professional MMA Officials’ Training and Event Consultation Service Company. Our goal is to promote integrity in and continue the growth of MMA throughout the country by training and providing highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced officials to fight promotions.

For information about Combat Consulting LLC: www.combatconsulting.net

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  1. It depends on which state you are judging in. Each athletic commission usually has a set amount, no matter how large or small the event. Check out your states athletic commission’s website and, after some digging around, you will find the amount.

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