The New Year’s Eve DYNAMITE!! event has come and gone in Saitama, Japan. We have posted the fight videos from this event HERE. There were some incredible fights with some big upsets.

Melvin Manhoef knocked out Mark Hunt in the first round with a big right hook. Shinya Aoki submitted Eddie Alvarez by heel hook in round 1 (just as I predicted) to win the WAMMA lightweight title.

Badr Hari received payback for illegally kicking his last opponent in the head after the ref had stopped the action by receiving a first round knockout from Alistair Overeem. Bob Sapp even defeated a cartoon. Here are the full results:

19. Main-Event: DREAM-Rule: Kiyoshi Tamura Def. Kazushi Sakuraba by Decision
18: DREAM-Rule: Joachim Hansen vs. “JZ” Gesias Cavalcante Cancelled :(
17: DREAM-Rule: Shinya Aoki Def. Eddie Alvarez by Heel-hook Round 1
16. DREAM-Rule: Melvin Manhoef Def. Mark Hunt by KO Round 1
15. K-1-Rule: Gegard Mousasi Def. Musashi by KO Round 1 2:32
14. DREAM-Rule: Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic Def. Hong Man Choi by TKO Round 1 6:32
13. K-1 Rule: Alistair Overeem Def. Badr Hari by KO Round 1 2:07
12. K-1-Rule: Tatsuya Kawajiri Def. Kozo Takeda by TKO (3 down) Round 1
11. DREAM-Rule: Hayato “Mach” Sakurai Def. Katsuyori Shibata by TKO Round 1
10. DREAM-Rule: Semmy Schilt Def. Mighty Mo by Triangle choke round 1
9. DREAM-Rule: Bob Sapp Def. Kinniku Mantaro by TKO Round 1 5:22
8. K-1 Youth Tournament Final: HIROYA Def. Koya Urabe by Decision 3-0 (after extention)
7. DREAM-Rule: Andy Ologun Def. Yukio Sakaguchi by KO Round 1
6. DREAM-Rule: Daisuke Nakamura Def. Hideo Tokoro by arm-bar round 1
5. K-1-Rule: Artur Kyshenko Def. Yoshihiro Sato by Decision 2-0
4. K-1 Youth Tournament (semi-final): Hiroya Def. Shota Shimada by Decision 3-0
3. K-1 Youth Tournament (semi-final): Koya Urabe Def. Tatsuya Kusakabe by TKO Round 3 2:21
2. DREAM-Rule: Ikuhisa Minowa “Minowaman” Def. Errol Zimmerman by Toe-hold round 1 1:01
1. K-1 Youth (Reserve): Taishi Hiratsuka Def. Daizo Sasaki by KO Round 2 1:00

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