Main Event

Josh Koscheck vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Yoshiyuki Yoshida is probably one of the best welterweights that few people know about in North America. The problem for Yoshida is that he has run into someone with a very similar skill set. Yoshida likes to dirty box in the clinch and dominate from the top position. If they do clinch up Koscheck will be able to use his superior wrestling to take the fight to the ground, and there is little chance that Yoshida will be able to attain top position. Koscheck did have a rough go of it in his last fight, which was only 46 days ago, he will able to win this fight by decision.

Main Card

Mike Swick vs. Jonathan Goulet
He fought for it, and now Jonathan Goulet finally has his match up. Mike Swick is coming off two uninspiring performances against Marcus Davis and Josh Burkman. In this fight he will return to his old explosive form. Goulet is a fine fighter, but he is lacking one major aspect of the fight game – a chin. When Swick is confident he comes forward and finishes fights. After watching Goulet get put on queer by the likes of Luke Cummo, there is no way Swick is not going into this fight with confidence.

Jim Miller vs. Matt Wiman
The Miller brothers are both on a roll in the UFC. Despite coming into the fight on short notice Jim Miller will be able to dominate this fight and probably win by decision. Matt Wiman is an underrate fighter, but he struggles when he can’t control the pace or the place of the fight. With his unique combination of technical wrestling and technical jiu-jitsu Jim Miller will be able to do just that.

Steve Cantwell vs. Razak Al-Hussan
The last WEC light heavyweight champion may not have what it takes to hang with the UFC’s elite, but Steve Cantwell will be able to score a victory here. Cantwell has shown improvement in every trip into the cage, which culminated in a victory of Brian Stann. Al-Hussan has a decent submission game, but Cantwell is good enough to defend. On the feet, Cantwell should be able to use his technical striking edge to score a decision.

Tim Credeur vs. Nate Loughran
On paper this is a great match up. The TUF veteran, Tim Credeur is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, and he is facing an up and comer who doesn’t like to do anything but take the fight to the ground to work submissions. Credeur’s ground game should force Loughran to change up his game a little bit, but he will still be able to control the positioning on the ground. Loughran may threaten with submissions, but he will ultimately win by decision.

Preliminary Card

Steve Bruno vs. Johnny Rees
Well, at least one of the contests on this card is already decided. Johnny Rees easily wins for the best nickname – The Hater Hurter. Anyways, Steve Bruno was physically dominated by the much bigger Chris Wilson in his last fight. Normally this would mean that the smart money would be on Rees, but Bruno should have a technical advantage in both the striking and submission department.

Luigi Fioravanti vs. Brodie Farber
The last time anyone saw Brodie Farber on television he was out cold after being knocked out cold by Rory Markham. He may not fair much better in this fight. Fioravanti has good power, and he also likes to work his clinch game. Farber was brought in for impromptu Silva vs. Irvin card, and he may not actually be ready for this level of competition.

Eddie Sanchez vs. Justin McCully
After his win over Antoni Hardonk, Justin McCully’s skill level was somewhat inflated. Of course there is always a chance that he could wrestle his way to a top position decision, but Eddie Sancehz is a little too game for that to happen. Sanchez gets into trouble when he faces more technical strikers, and that is certainly not the case in this fight. Sanchez should be able to avoid the takedowns and eventually land some significant shots. He will bring this one home by either a late knockout or a decision.

Corey Hill vs. Dale Hartt
These two fighters are very similar. Both of them are decent brawling type strikers, and they both have a wrestling background. Hartt has more power in his hands, while Hill will bring a serious reach advantage into the cage. Hill’s size will allow him to avoid the big shots from Hartt and win by decision.

Ben Saunders vs. Brandon Wolff
American Top Team’s Ben Saunders is coming off back to back wins in the UFC. In this fight he should be able to use long and lanky frame to his advantage. His long frame will complement his superior submission game. Brandon Wolff’s biggest accomplishment so far in his career is a controversial decision over UFC veteran Chad Reiner. Saunders should be able to push his streak to three with either a decision or a late submission.

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