The fans who have been waiting to see Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson fight again probably got a little excited this past weekend when he appeared as a member of the broadcasting team for the K-1 World GP.

The former bodyguard to the pornography stars appears to be destined for stardom in the land of the rising sun. Many people think that he will have a meteoric rise to fame in Japan much the same way Bob Sapp did in the past. His look and charisma made him a star here in the states and he may prove to be even more marketable in Japan.

Whether he ends up continuing his MMA career in Dream or switches over to K-1, he will need to learn a few things about the country that houses both promotions. During last weekend’s telecast which aired on HDNet, Kimbo Slice, when asked what he thought about the fights replied, “First of all, I love the CITY of Japan…”

Yes, it’s true, he actually referred to Japan as a city.

On second thought, perhaps goofy comments like this may help his popularity, I mean Bob Sapp did rip open a doll to hype himself up to fight Jerome Lebanner.

-Richard Mann

Here’s a clip of Kimbo’s slip up:

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