Kim Couture interview – Pro MMA Radio exclusive

Kim Couture prepares for fourth fight of the year

Female professional mixed martial arts fighter, Kim “Sugar Free Couture”, spoke with our good friend Larry Pepe over at Pro MMA Radio Monday evening. Kim had a lot to say about her husband, Randy Couture’s performance at UFC 91 against Brock Lesnar, her upcoming fight on November 21st with Lina Kvokov (0-1), and legal issues with former Affliction executive, Todd Beard.

Kim starts out by revealing how she got her nickname “Sugar Free”. She explains that the guys at Xtreme Couture started calling her “Sugar Free” because she’s blunt, always speaks her mind and doesn’t “sugar coat” anything.

She says Randy is doing great after his title loss to Brock Lesnar last Saturday night. ” He is happy with his performance, stuck to his gameplan and was doing a good job but simply got caught.”

Kim says Randy’s gameplan for Brock Lesnar going into the fight was to “control him, wear him down, and bully him around…take his shots when he needed to and defend his takedown. He slipped that shot that hit him but it kept coming.”

Randy has not watched the fight with Brock yet. Kim said that he will rest up, heal and take a week or two, watch the fight, and then make his decisions about the future but there’s not a chance of him retiring (again) anytime soon.

Kim said that she and “the team” [Xtreme Couture] think a rematch between Randy and Brock is a good idea but there has been no talk from Randy about this.

She says that all the guys from Team Xtreme Couture love and respect Randy so much whether h wins or loses and she loves to see their comradery.

To watch Randy get hit the way he did and then take about 30-40 unanswered hammerfists to the noggin doesn’t bother Kim Couture one bit. She is in no way squeamish. You have to remember, this is the same woman who received a broken jaw the first minute into her first MMA fight, finished that round and then went another two rounds (5-minute rounds) all the while putting on a very inspiring performance.

“Randy doesn’t really have any nerves.” That was Kim’s explanation on why Randy always seems so calm before fights.

Kim says that the legal issues with Todd Beard and Affliction was not a distraction at all in Randy’s preparation for Brock. They passed it on to their lawyers and that was that.

Pep asked Kim about a statement Todd Beard had made where he said he was deeply and emotionally hurt with some of the Couture’s recent business decisions. Kim explains it like this, “He was upset when the UFC told Randy he could not wear an Affliction shirt in for the fight, he wanted us to walk away from the fight. …He said we weren’t supporting the brand if we didn’t walk away from that fight.”

Kim speaks about being happy they are back with the UFC, “The rest of the staff and everyone that’s involved with the UFC, they are like family to us and with Dana and the Fertitas, is like nothing ever happened. We all feel relieved that it’s gone and nobody thinks about it.”

Kim decided to start fighting competitively after training with Gina Carano and finding inspiration by seeing what she has accomplished.

Kim Couture is also a fight promoter. She held two events in 2008 and plans to have six shows in 2009.

Kim knows very little about her Strikeforce opponent, Lina Kvokov, except that she is one inch taller than Kim and lost by armbar in her first fight. Kim knows better than to underestimate her opponent.

“I train everything equally and learn everything at the same time” is how Kim describes her strengths as a fighter.

This will be Kim’s fourth fight of the year.

There are six gyms under the Xtreme Couture umbrella. They own the gym in Las Vegas and the one in Vancouver. However, they are planning to sell the Vancouver/Washington gym because it has just been too much trying to run both when operating the Vegas gym alone is a 24 hour job. is the website for Xtreme Couture. They also just launched the Xtreme Couture Lifestyle website which is all about how to live like an Xtreme Couture athlete.

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