Mark Dellagrotte was very proud of his student, Patrick Cote, after going two full rounds with the UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva at UFC 90. Dellagrotte talks about the background on Cote’s knee injury and also gives his thoughts on Silva’s performance. He thinks that Silva respected Cote’s power and he also had this to say about Silva, “He looked great tonight. He looked like the champ that he is…” It’s so interesting how people can view what happened in this fight so differently. All week the MMA pundits have been crucifying Anderson Silva and here is his opponent’s trainer praising his performance. It’s not hard to decide who makes more sense.

One thought on “Mark Dellagrotte praises Anderson Silva”
  1. I liked that fight. Cote’s injury didn’t help matters, but he had the guts to stick it out, until he could no longer walk on it. Cote has power in his hands.

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