Dana White hopes Strikeforce gets ten million viewers next week on NBC.  He has nothing bad to say about them cause “they are doing it the right way,” says the UFC President.  What do you think would happen if they really did get that many viewers? Dana also invites Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo Slice) onto The Ultimate Fighter reality show however, White is absolutely confident he would not win.

One thought on “Dana White hopes Strikeforce gets 10 million viewers”
  1. Less female fighters it will be if they dont give them a chance.
    And I am disagree, there are a lot of good female fighters to make a division in the world.
    Is just that they are machist, like if we still are in 18 century.
    when the woman cant study, cant think, nothing.. :P

    I dont know, but there are the proff of max viewers in some female fights who shut the mouth to lot of people.

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