We held a contest here at PRO MMA prior to UFC 90.  The person who could pick the most fights right on the main card and call the main event down to the round, minute, and method of victory would win some cool MMA clothing from our sponsor Chess Game Fight Gear.

The winner of the PRO MMA UFC 90 Pick ’em Contest is…….(drum roll)…..

Mr. Brent Whittle!

Here were his picks:

1. Silva by tko in the 3rd round at the 4:10 mark.
4. Dos Santos (upset).

Miraculously no one called all five fights correctly but Brent was easily the closest, picking the dos Santos upset and Silva by TKO in the third. He didn’t get the Koschec vs. Alves fight but like I said, no one got all five right.

Here’s what is crazy!  Brent is the same person who won our last PRO MMA contest for best caption to the Jared Shaw picture.  I had to double check this thing wasn’t rigged!  I thought EliteXC was involved for a minute.  Big congrats to Brent for being well 99.9% psychic.

And the DVD consolation prize for the best avatar has to go to “bigblackass” for having the biggest juiciest nastiest booty ever as his avatar! LOL

Thanks to all who participated and stay tuned for more contests from PRO MMA coming in the VERY near future!

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One thought on “Winners of our UFC 90 Pick ’em Contest”
  1. PRO-MMA. thanks again! i really felt dos santos could pull off the upset after hearing werdum complain too much about brock gettting the title shot over him and his reported weight gain (wich, after watching the weigh-ins, even help solidify my picking him). too bad i didnt bet any money on dos santos with those kind of odds. i was really impressed with alves and his takedown defense. i always knew he had great striking, but i thought kos could take him down and hold him there. alves has some awsome leg strikes and looks to be a formidable opponent for the gsp/bj winner. i also truely believed cote was/is a better fighter than what most gave him credit for and think i got lucky cote’s knee went out( contest wise) because i think cote’s chin would have held up the whole 5rnds and silva would have only won a decision. thanks again for having another contest and i really enjoyed the dvd i won on the last contest.

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