Kimbo Slice look-a-like contest

It’s true, there can be only one Kimbo Slice, but it’s also true that today in Miramar, Florida (Thursday morning Oct. 2), there will be a Kimbo Slice look-a-like contest from 6am-9am at Radio Station BIG 105.9 (in the parking lot of Clear Channel Radio Group). The address is 7601 Riviera Blvd., Miramar, Florida 33023. For questions, contact: Toast (954) 734-0921.

I know it’s a little early for Halloween but get your beards ready, shave a design in your chest hair, get your gold chains and gold teeth, shave some lines in your wig, and get on down there to BIG 105.9 and get your Kimbo on. Now if you’re going to imitate Kimbo first of all, do you really think he wakes up at 6am? Damn that’s early. I will say this, you’re a hardcore fan if you make it to this contest! Good luck…and we want pictures!

The contest is in honor of MMA fighter, Kimbo Slice who will be fighting UFC Hall-of-Famer and legend of the sport, Ken Shamrock on EliteXC’s CBS Saturday Night Fights Saturday Oct. 4 at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. The broadcast will air live on CBS starting at 9pm ET/7pm PT.