Kimbo Slice’s Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ is something to behold

Kimbo Slice took time out of training for his upcoming fight in Bellator with Dada 5000 to take part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over at Reddit. Slice dished on topics like the toughest opponent he ever fought. “My wife.. u feel me?” Kimbo answered. He also revealed he was bullied as a kid. The … Read more

#TBT Watch people let Kimbo Slice punch them in the leg for $100

In honor of his upcoming Bellator fight with Ken Shamrock in St. Louis on June 19, we decided to honor the great street fighter-turned MMA fighter-turned boxer-turned MMA fighter Kimbo Slice (real name Kevin Ferguson) by showing this classic MoneyTalks.TV clip in which two unsuspecting lads agree to let the host’s “little friend” hit them in … Read more

Definitive Collection: Street Fighter 2, Martial Arts and Church Editions

I love this. I laugh at every piece of these videos. In the world of religious drama there are some incredible set pieces like the resurrection, sermon on the mount, and Noah’s ark. Then, well then there are these guys who claim to have supernatural abilities and that they are filled with the holy spirit. … Read more

AMAZEBALLS: Worst, best drunk Russian fight ever (Street Fighter edit)

In this fight you will….I mean it’s….These guys…..Drunk haymakers….Forget it, just watch this moment of street fighting awesomeness. I think even Scott “Lionheart” Blevins could win this fight. Nah, nevermind. He lost to a stale, soggy tuna sandwich once during lunch. They edited this complete with Street Fighter header bars and sound effects and it … Read more

Kim Couture finds punching bag in Mexico *VIDEO*

Kim “Sugar Free” Couture, ex-wife of former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion and UFC Hall-of Famer Randy Couture, apparently “fought” a woman by the name of Rosa Vizcarra last week at “Xtreme Fighters Mexico.” Couture and her entourage, which included Kevin Randleman, walked to the octagon (not “The Octagon,” but yes, it was an … Read more

Would you like to see Chuck Liddell fight Kimbo Slice?

Does Kimbo Slice deserve the opportunity to fight someone like Chuck Liddell?
Does Kimbo Slice deserve the opportunity to fight a legend like Chuck Liddell?

Realistically, how big could a fight between “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell and Kimbo Slice be? Let’s face it; neither fighter is going to hold a title in the UFC. Chuck’s been there and done that. And Kimbo never will. But as far as pure entertainment goes, I can’t think of a much more exciting fight than Chuck Liddell vs. Kimbo Slice.

Liddell, on Sherdog Radio Monday, talked about the possibility. “Why would anyone even want to see me fight Kimbo?” asked Liddell. “I have no interest in that fight. Whatever. It is what it is. I guess I’d do it, if that’s who I had to fight to come back.”

“The Iceman” said he needed some time off from fighting, and Dancing with the Stars not only gave him something productive to focus on, it helped him stay in shape. Now that he is back in the gym he wants to see how things go, see how he feels, and make the decision whether to step back in the Octagon or not.

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Kimbo Slice makes acting debut…on Nickelodeon

He goes from “street-fighting legend” to MMA superstar to….

starring on a Nickelodeon Christmas Special of course. Come on, anyone could have guessed that. It’s true. Kevin Ferguson a.k.a. Kimbo Slice will be making his acting debut starring in “Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh” which premieres on December 5th at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT.

Kimbo will be playing the character “Bludge,” a bully character that “Keeps the audience on their toes. You don’t know whether he’s going to smash somebody or if he’s going to give you a hug and a kiss.”

One of Kimbo’s child co-stars says, “Kimbo is like a great big muscle bound Teddy Bear.” Another one says, “He has been nothing but nice, professional, and really fun to work with.”

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PRO MMA Exclusive – Seth Petruzelli sets the record straight

by:  Cory Brady

In the years to come one may possibly look back on the MMA career of Seth Petruzelli and define it pre- and post-Kimbo, depending on how things unfold over the next few weeks and months ahead.

PRO MMA had a talk with Seth prior to his appearance at the EliteXC event on Oct. 4 where he was scheduled to fight Aaron Rosa. None of us had any inclination whatsoever Seth would be fighting Kimbo Slice, least of all Seth himself. But destiny has a funny way of working itself out regardless of our plans or intentions.

As we spoke with Seth prior to the Oct. 4th event, he had this to say, “I know I still have a few fans out there but I’ve been out for a year so my name has kind of gotten lost in the mix so I’m definitely looking to come in and make a big splash in EliteXC.

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Kimbo Slice look-a-like contest

It’s true, there can be only one Kimbo Slice, but it’s also true that today in Miramar, Florida (Thursday morning Oct. 2), there will be a Kimbo Slice look-a-like contest from 6am-9am at Radio Station BIG 105.9 (in the parking lot of Clear Channel Radio Group). The address is 7601 Riviera Blvd., Miramar, Florida 33023. For questions, contact: Toast (954) 734-0921.

I know it’s a little early for Halloween but get your beards ready, shave a design in your chest hair, get your gold chains and gold teeth, shave some lines in your wig, and get on down there to BIG 105.9 and get your Kimbo on. Now if you’re going to imitate Kimbo first of all, do you really think he wakes up at 6am? Damn that’s early. I will say this, you’re a hardcore fan if you make it to this contest! Good luck…and we want pictures!

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