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Ken Shamrock is an undisputed legend in the sport of mixed martial arts and has fought on countless main events over the years but none of those fights have been as big as his next bout is poised to be. Shamrock has been given a golden opportunity in the form of Kimbo Slice live on CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights set for October 4th. Ken says he knows the score. He knows there are a lot of people that think he was hand picked to lose to Kimbo and add a huge name to his resume and Ken is just fine with that. He is looking to crash the Kimbo party come October 4th. With nothing left to prove in the game, Ken just fights for the love of fighting.

PRO MMA recently had the opportunity to speak with this legend of mixed martial arts about numerous topics including Kimbo (of course), the possibility of the Ken vs. Frank Superfight coming together and how he feels about his son following in his footsteps. We are honored and proud to present to you Mr. Ken Shamrock:

PRO MMA: Hey Ken, thanks for taking this time with us. We know you are extremely busy with final preparations for your fight with Kimbo. How are you feeling right now physically? Are you injury free for this fight?
Ken: Yeah, I’m injury free. I’m feeling good and I’m really excited to get in the ring and get it on!

PRO MMA: Who have you been training with for this fight and how has training been going?
Ken: I’ve been training with a few guys at 240, 260 and 280. I’ve been really working on the weight difference. There’s a tremendous amount of weight that I’m giving up in this fight so I’ll be ready for it.

PRO MMA: So you have been focusing on just training with some really big dudes?
Ken: Yeah because it’s like I said, his movement is different, the angles and punches are a lot different when you’re talking about a bigger man as opposed to a medium-sized guy.

PRO MMA: What are your thoughts on Kimbo and his meteoric rise to fame in the mixed martial arts community?
Ken: I don’t think too much about it, you know. I mean the guy’s got in the ring and has done really well for himself. I don’t really look at those things. I look at the fact that I have to get in the ring and I have to beat him.

PRO MMA: How offended are you by the notion that many feel you were hand picked to be just another victim to help build up Kimbo?
Ken: Oh yeah, I know what the score is. The good thing is that I do know what the score is and I like to upset things. I love to be the one that spoils the party.

PRO MMA: Kimbo recently made the statement that he was going to give you a free chin shot in your fight. Do you believe that for one moment or do you think it is just a ploy to try and get you to stand and trade with him?
Ken: No, he wants me to trade with him.

PRO MMA: Obviously Kimbo’s strength in this fight would be on the feet and yours would be on the ground. Many insiders are worried that you may try to stand with Kimbo for a little too long. Do you have anything to prove by standing with Kimbo or is your main objective to come away from this fight with the W.
Ken: No, I have nothing to prove but it’s a fight so therefore if I see the opportunity to put one on his chin, I will.

PRO MMA: How much do you think Bas can help Kimbo with leg submission defense after he has already lost to you twice from leg attacks?
Ken: Well Bas has learned a lot since the times he fought me. He’s learned to defend leg locks. I’m sure he’ll be able to show Kimbo enough to get him by, but you know, in that short of time, if I get a leg lock on him he’s not going to be able to get out.

PRO MMA: Do you feel you can erase the memories of your recent losses with a convincing win over Kimbo?
Ken: Absolutely! I definitely do. I definitely had some disappointing fights but it’s exciting to get in the ring and get a big win like this. There’s so much exposure on it. It will be really nice.

PRO MMA: How likely is it that we will be able to see Ken vs. Frank before you hang up your gloves?
Ken: The chances are very good. We’ve talked about it for quite some time but for some reason it hasn’t happened and it hasn’t been on my part.

PRO MMA: Are there any guys that you really want to fight before you ride off into the sunset?
Ken: Well you already said it. I think Frank will definitely be one of them. A lot of things have been said so it would be nice to go ahead and put it all to rest.

PRO MMA: As one of the founders of modern mma, what’s left for Ken Shamrock to prove in the sport?
Ken: I’m not doing anything to prove anything. I’m doing it because I love it. I enjoy it. I love the competition and whenever a challenge comes my way I just really, really enjoy it. So I don’t do it to prove anything. I do it for the love of the sport, the love of the challenge.

PRO MMA: Is it difficult for you at all to watch your son step in the cage and put it on the line?
Ken: No it’s not. If it’s something that they want to do then I’m going to support them in it and support them the best I can.

PRO MMA: I recently watched Ryan’s fight at Cage Rage with Giorgio Andrews and was extremely impressed with his performance before the fight was stopped due to a broken hand. What’s up next for Ryan?
Ken: He’s going to be fighting November 8th in Reno, Nevada on our production, the KFC production.Trying to get him back in the saddle again. I know he had some problems healing his hand up. He came back to the States and had a cast put on. I guess it didn’t heal right so they had to re-break it and re-set it. So it’s been a complicated break for him but it’s getting to a point to where now he can start punching.

PRO MMA: Alright Ken before I let you go can I get a prediction on your fight with Kimbo?
Ken: Nope because I don’t believe in predictions because I think they just jinx you but I will win. I’ll predict that. I’m going to win.

PRO MMA: Hey Ken thanks so much for your time. Are there any sponsors you’d like to thank before I let you go?
Ken: Nope, just watch the fight October 4th. I’m looking forward to banging away and getting the W.

Pro MMA: Thanks again Ken and good luck on your fight. It was truly a pleasure.
Ken: Thank you

CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights brings mixed martial arts back to prime time network television on Saturday, Oct. 4, airing live at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. The show takes place at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla., and is headlined by one of MMA’s living legends, Ken Shamrock, batting Kimbo Slice.

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  1. Ken and Frank always say the same thing, “I wanted to fight him for a long time but he never goes through with it.” They always blame the other guy for not making it happen. It does need to happen though.

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