The EliteXC Draft – Analyzing the First Round Draft Picks

There is a wealth of talent from a broken organization that risked and lost it all on a YouTube street brawler from Miami. While sifting through the ashes of ProElite and EliteXC it’s impossible to ignore the abundance of talent that will soon be heading elsewhere.

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Joe “Diesel” Riggs is at 170 to stay – PRO MMA Exclusive Interview

by: Cory Brady

Joe “Diesel” Riggs has seen his fair share of ups and downs in his mixed martial arts career. At only 26 years old this 170 pound fighter that used to fight around the 280 pound range has been through a lot in a short amount of time to say the least.

Riggs had a chance at championship glory in the UFC, a post-fight hospital room brawl with Nick Diaz and just missed an opportunity to put an early stop to the mma media phenomenon known as Kimbo Slice.

Riggs most recent fight was a controversial second round technical knockout loss to Kazuo Misaki that most feel was stopped prematurely. Looking to turn a page in his mma career and put the loss to Misaki behind him, Riggs will have the opportunity on November 21st in his last fight on his contract with Strikeforce to rebound in impressive fashion when he faces the always dangerous Luke Stewart.

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PRO MMA Exclusive – Seth Petruzelli sets the record straight

by:  Cory Brady

In the years to come one may possibly look back on the MMA career of Seth Petruzelli and define it pre- and post-Kimbo, depending on how things unfold over the next few weeks and months ahead.

PRO MMA had a talk with Seth prior to his appearance at the EliteXC event on Oct. 4 where he was scheduled to fight Aaron Rosa. None of us had any inclination whatsoever Seth would be fighting Kimbo Slice, least of all Seth himself. But destiny has a funny way of working itself out regardless of our plans or intentions.

As we spoke with Seth prior to the Oct. 4th event, he had this to say, “I know I still have a few fans out there but I’ve been out for a year so my name has kind of gotten lost in the mix so I’m definitely looking to come in and make a big splash in EliteXC.

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The UFC is Headed to Ireland – Big Fights Announced

by:  Cory Brady

The UFC has just announced that UFC 93 will take take place in Dublin, Ireland and is all set for January 17th.  This card is already taking shape to be an awesome start to 2009 for the UFC. With two big fights already announced, many fans are salivating at a chance to catch this card and scrambling to make travel arrangements to Dublin.

The first fight announced is a long awaited match up between superstars Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson. Although Henderson fought his last fight at 185 pounds this fight is set to be a light heavyweight contest. Rich recently moved up from 185 to 205 and looked impressive with a win over TUF veteran Matt Hammil and Henderson is a former Pride champion at 205 so the weight should not be an issue for either fighter. If anything it will assure that both men are as powerful as possible in what should be an exciting fight filled with fireworks. This fight should answer a lot of questions about both fighters and the direction they are heading.

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Kelly Kobald – Back with a Vengeance – PRO MMA Exclusive Interview

by: Cory Brady

Kelly Kobald is preparing herself for the biggest fight of her career. A fight that in many people’s opinion would never have happened had she won her last two fights. On October 4th, Kobold will face poster-girl for female mixed martial arts, Gina Carano, on the main card of EliteXC’s CBS Saturday Night Fights.

Kelly went on a tear through female mma going undefeated in her career until problems on the homefront caused inevitable distractions that played into her fist two defeats. With all the drama long behind her, Kelly has had a year to refocus on her career and looks to make all of those that expect Gina to walk through her some very unhappy campers.

PRO MMA had a chance to catch up with Kelly and talk with her about how she feels she matches up with Gina, being the underdog, and shocking the world.

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Cris “Cyborg” Santos – Chute Boxe = Champion Factory, PRO MMA Exclusive Interview

Cris “Cyborg” Santos is determined to become the next among a long line of champions that have been produced by the legendary camp that has been greatly respected and feared by many for years, Chute Boxe.

Chute Boxe has produced numerous world champions over the years. Fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Sila, and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua are just a few who have called Chute Boxe home at one point or another during each of their impressive careers.

It is this standard of excellence that Cris is looking to carry into ElieXC’s female division. Well known for her top notch muay-thai game and tenacious fighting style, Santos has been carving a path of destruction on her way to title contention and is currently riding a four-fight knockout streak. If she is victorious over Yoko Takahashi on October 4th at CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights, Santos will move herself one step closer to achieving the gold she so desires as most expect her to face the winner of the Carano/Kobold showdown.

PRO MMA ( had the opportunity to have a few words with Cris Santos recently and discussed her upcoming fight with Yoko, how she feels she matches up with Gina, and who to look out for coming from the Chute Boxe camp.

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Seth Petruzelli – Return of the Silverback – PRO MMA Exclusive Interview

The Ultimate Fighter season two cast member, Seth “The Silverback” Petruzelli is poised to make his return to the cage after a year layoff when he wages battle with Aaron Rosa on the undercard of CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights on October 4th. Seth had to focus on setting up a major franchise in his … Read more

Breaking News – Melvin Manhoef Retires

Terrible news for Melvin Manhoef fans. This beast known worldwide to be one of the most devastating strikers in combat sports has retired from the professional competition. The announcement came following his horribly dissapointing first round triangle submission loss to Gerard Mousasi earlier this week at the Dream GP. His team made the announcement on … Read more

Murilo “Ninja” Rua – Ready for Whatever – PRO MMA Exclusive Interview

by: Cory Brady

Murilo “Ninja” Rua is on a quest. He’s on a quest to capture gold in EliteXC’s middleweight division. The same gold that slipped through his fingers not that long ago at the hands of current champion, “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler. Ninja can move one huge step closer to that gold by getting past an explosive former IFL superstar that goes by the name of Benji Radach. While there is a ton of hype surrounding the Kimbo/Shamrock battle, many mma insiders feel like the Ninja/Radach bout will be the fight of the night. Murilo has been exciting fans all over the world since his early fighting days in his native country of Brazil to his Pride days in Japan and now right here in the United States. October 4th on CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights is sure to be no exception as Ninja will wage war with knockout artist Benji Radach in a bout where the winner will move one step closer to a shot at the title.

PRO MMA recently had the opportunity to speak with Ninja about a variety of subjects including his fight with Benji, his brothers recovery, and whether or not he would ever consider fighting his good friend, Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Check it out:

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Ken Shamrock Knows the Score – PRO MMA Exclusive Interview

by: Cory Brady

Ken Shamrock is an undisputed legend in the sport of mixed martial arts and has fought on countless main events over the years but none of those fights have been as big as his next bout is poised to be. Shamrock has been given a golden opportunity in the form of Kimbo Slice live on CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights set for October 4th. Ken says he knows the score. He knows there are a lot of people that think he was hand picked to lose to Kimbo and add a huge name to his resume and Ken is just fine with that. He is looking to crash the Kimbo party come October 4th. With nothing left to prove in the game, Ken just fights for the love of fighting.

PRO MMA recently had the opportunity to speak with this legend of mixed martial arts about numerous topics including Kimbo (of course), the possibility of the Ken vs. Frank Superfight coming together and how he feels about his son following in his footsteps. We are honored and proud to present to you Mr. Ken Shamrock:

PRO MMA: Hey Ken, thanks for taking this time with us. We know you are extremely busy with final preparations for your fight with Kimbo. How are you feeling right now physically? Are you injury free for this fight?
Ken: Yeah, I’m injury free. I’m feeling good and I’m really excited to get in the ring and get it on!

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