by:  Jack Bratcher

The UFC wasn’t the only MMA event happening on August 9th.  The ARENA VII was held this past Saturday night in Wise, Virgina.  One match in particular on that card featured Josh Stepp (who is Greg Maynard’s wrestling coach) from West Virginia faced Andre Boyd from Kingston, Tennessee.  While Dustin Hamm vs. Elmo Jones got Fight of the Night honors, Josh Stepp vs. Andre Boyd came a close second.  Josh got the victory over Boyd and this video will show you what we’re dealing with here.  Clearly, with guys like Maynard winning the Heavyweight Title last week and his good friend and wrestling coach, Josh Stepp putting on performances like this, West Virginia has some great MMA talent on the rise.

The Arena VII – Aug. 9th, 2008 Results:

  • Dustin Hamm DEF Elmo Jones RD 2 SUB via RNC
  • Cody Lewis DEF Johnathan Shelton RD 2 SUB via Triangle
  • Lee Burns DEF Jim Gurts RD 1 SUB via Guillotine
  • Channing Wimmer DEF Chris Washburn RD 1 TKO Ref Stoppage
  • Adam Dixon DEF Brandon Thacker RD 1 TKO Ref Stoppage
  • Jason Robinson DEF Brandon Moore RD 1 Verbal Sub due to Strikes
  • Ben White DEF Kermit Lovell RD 1 SUB via RNC
  • Brandon Adams DEF Vince Buckoltz RD 1 SUB via Triangle
  • Kenny Stewart DEF Tim Vanover RD 1 KO
  • Matt Moran DEF Brian Mullins RD 1 SUB via Guillotine
  • Shane Carroll DEF Evan Whitt RD 1 SUB via Guillotine
  • Krystal Combs DEF Brandy Carroll RD 1 Sub via Strikes
  • Mike Kennedy DEF Shane Ware RD 1 KO
  • Josh Stepp DEF Andre Boyd RD 3 Judges Dec
  • Mason Neff DEF Ricky Estep RD 1 SUB via RNC
  • Kerry Bramlett DEF Ryan Robinette RD 1 SUB via RNC
  • James Caudill DEF Shad Wilder RD 2 TKO Ref Stoppage

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