Remember all the talk about Anderson Silva fighting Roy Jones Jr.?  The majority of people I heard discuss the theoretical fight didn’t give Silva much of a chance.  Call me nuts, but I think Anderson Silva could do just about anything he set his mind to.  Here’s a video of Anderson Silva in his pro boxing debut back on August 5th of 2005 against one, Julio Cesar.  This fight will give you some idea of what Silva looks like in a straight up boxing bout.  He looks about like I thought he would; fast, elusive, accurate and stylish.  A couple of things I noticed were how Silva could fight and worry about pulling up his pants at the same time and also at one point Silva does an Ali shuffle and gets popped.  That was the only time he took a fairly good shot. It didn’t appear to faze him at all.  Silva is the man that’s all there is to it.  I’m also reminded once again how much more exciting MMA is than boxing; but it is cool to see the Middleweight Champ do his thing.

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