by:  Jack Bratcher

If you saw the main event at Elite  XC’s Unfinished Business in Stockton, CA. last Saturday, you got to see Robbie Lawler defeat Scott Smith in the second round via TKO for the Elite XC Middleweight Title.  Many fans who watched the event were left scratching their heads when the Scott Smith that showed up for this fight seemed a bit lackluster compared to the no-holds-barred contender who showed up on the first CBS card.  In a post-fight interview, Smith lets us in on the thinking that seems to have led to his performance.  He stated, “I wish I had done more fighting instead of waiting for the referee  to stop it.”  In slow motion replay on CBS we got to witness Smith deliver elbow strikes to the top of Lawler’s head and one in particular that cut him open producing a geyser of blood that one might liken to a vampire’s drinking fountain.

However, the referee didn’t stop the fight and we all saw what happened.  But what you may not have seen is that fountain of blood that came out of Lawler’s head that caused Scott Smith to hesitate and hope that the fight would get stopped on a cut.  I’m not too sure what that says about Smith’s gameplan but it does say something about his elbows.  They are sharper than a Jeffrey Dahmer Ginsu.

Photos courtesy of fiveouncesofpain & Esther

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