by:  Jack Bratcher

I just spoke with Quinton Jackson’s brother today.  When I asked him what was going on and why Quinton didn’t stop for the police, he said, “Quinton seems to be under alot of stress right now, but we aren’t sure yet why he didn’t stop.”  He also told me that Quinton’s father has left his home in Memphis and flown out to California to be with his son at this time.  Knowing the reputation in the past of certain California police officers I asked Quinton’ s brother if Quinton got roughed up at all by the cops.  He informed me that he did not and that he is OK.

UFC President, Dana White, also flew out to where Jackson was being held in Costa Mesa, presumably to post bail for the former champ.  Bail was set at $25,000 and initial police reports stated that no drugs or alcohol were involved.

There is a video on showing Quinton face down on the street while the cops are searching his vehicle.  Reports indicate an officer spotted Quinton talking on his cell phone while driving with a flat tire.  When the officer attempted to pull the former champ over, Quinton kept going and a “chase” ensued which lasted about five minutes.  During the pursuit, Quinton apparently hit at least one more car, drove on the wrong side of the road and even drove on a sidewalk used by pedestrians at one point.  This information and more can be found in an article by Kevin Iole and Dave Meltzer on Yahoo Sports.  Fight Network Radio reported today that at one point Jackson was considered medically unfit for booking.

Our thoughts are with Quinton and his family.  Stay tuned to for more updates as details on this story continue to unfold.

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