by: Jack Bratcher

Everyone was anxiously awaiting was has now become known as “the big announcement.” Disappointment has often been the case when major announcements are promised but hopefully this time it will be different. There’s been somewhat conflicing reports coming out today about what actually happened in New York as the legalization of MMA in that state was the issue at the forefront. Whether the bill was voted down or it was “laid aside” by the state of New York’s Committee on Tourism, Arts and Sports Development, they are expected to revisit the bill next week on June 18. Incidently, that’s around the same time Dana White has rescheduled “the big announcement.” The speculation is that once the bill is passed and MMA is finally made legal in New York, then the next step would be a UFC event held at the world famous Madison Square Gardens. They say “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.” And if MMA can make it in New York then the sky really is the limit for the sport. The final states still holding out on legalization would most likely soon follow and then next stop, the Olympics.

If, or I’d rather like to think when, the UFC holds their first event at Madison Square Gardens it really would change the face of the sport especially if that event were to air live on say…..FOX or HBO. While the seating capacity at the Gardens is about the same as other large venues the UFC uses, the recognition and attention they would receive would be earth-shattering. I really do think the day we will see a Madison Square Gardens UFC event is not that far away. Keep your fingers crossed.

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