by: Jack Bratcher

First fight of the night is:

Gerald Harris vs. Amir Sadollah

Forrest makes a bet with his fighter, Amir Sadollah tonight. He tells him if that if Amir wins his upcoming match against Gerald Harris, that Forrest will shave half of his own head and keep it that way for the rest of the season. Now that’s one heck of a bet. Not sure if Forrest had little confidence that Amir would win or more likely he thought it would be some extra great motivation to win. I mean come on, that would be funny.

First round: guys come out and Gerald picks Amir up over his head like a child and slams him hard. Huge slam. He pretty much dumped Amir Sadollah right on his head. Gerald gets on top of Amir but eventually Amir gets back up then boom Gerald slams him again with another big one. Gerald stays on top of Amir about four out of five minutes of the first round, controlling him. The last minute Amir was struggling to get back up to his feet and throwing shots during the process.

Second round starts with Amir throwing leg kicks and Gerald pushes him against the cage and holds him there as Amir drops into the splits, then works his way back up. Gerald looking for the takedown. Amir throws a good knee. Gerald keeps holding one of Amir’s legs and that’s all he’s going after at this point. Amir lands a couple of shots and so does Gerald. Then Gerald shoots for the one leg again. Gerald gets dropped with a knee by Amir followed by some shots. Ref stops the fight. It was a perfect knee shot right to the chin from the clinch. Next scene shows Amir going to sit down outside the cage saying “I wasn’t out.” He was out.

For Amir to make it through that first round with those slams he took, you gotta give him alot of credit. Gerald was on his way to probably winning a decision but Amir stuck in there and pulls out the win by TKO. Gerald is pissed. Screaming. Crying. Saying he let everyone down. Rampage had a good talk with him though and cheered him up. It has to be hard when he was doing so good.

Looks like Forrest is getting a haircut.

Second fight of the night is:

Cale Yarborough vs. Patrick Schultz

Pat trains at Sityodtong with Mark Dellagrotte and Kenflo. Pat lost one of the preliminary fights this season and had to leave but they brought him back when the fighter with herpes had to leave. Cale Yarborough has an 0-0 pro record. Before the match the guys are talking like this will most likely be a standup bout. Both guys come out swinging. Pat looking a little more technical. Both guys are swinging but Pat drops Cale with a nice shot to the jaw. Fists are flying, legs are flying. Someone is getting KO’d. These boys have some nuts, you got to hand it to them. This is what you like to see. This is NOT a sparring match which I can’t stand when professional mma fights become nothing more than a glorified sparring match. This is not that. Nice body shots by Pat. Both guys landing. Pat landing some good shots to the face. I’ve counted three big shots Pat has landed to Cale’s dome. Cale’s had enough, he shoots in and takes Pat down. Cale landing some small hammerfists and short punches . Pat gets uup. Cale takes Pat down again lands some ground and pound with some little rabbit punches. One helluva round. Great round in my opinion. Pat was landing some harder shots standing but Cale got two takedowns with some fair ground and pound.

Second round. Both guys swinging. Cale with leg kicks and a good kick to Pat’s face. Knee to face by Cale. Cale shoots takes Pat down again. Those takedowns are getting Pat. Cale landing good elbows from side control. Big elbows by Cale. Pat holding on to Cale’s head. Nice shots by Cale. Cale trying to go to full mount and staying busy in the process. Pat pushed against the cage. Rampge yelling for Pat to get up but I think he’s done. He can’t have much left….his hair has too many highlights to have too much left. Big shots by Cale now still on top pounding for about two or three minutes now. Very close to being stopped. Pat has all but given up. Offering no ddefense. Very suprised referee did not stop that fight.

Cale wins by majority decision.

Forrest and Rampage almost have the referee and judges into letting this fight go one more round. But they go ahead and give the majority decision to Cale. Forrest says, “Cale can go another round.” Rampage says, “What did you say?” Forrest says, “I said we can go another round if you want.” Rampage replies, “Yeah it was one round each so let’s do one more.” At this point the referee has both of the fighters by the hand and is ready to announce the winner and Forrest is still in the ring. Patrick Schultz motions for Forrest to get out of the ring and says something to the effect, “Just go on man….I can’t wait until you and Rampage fight.” And Forrest gives him a look like “What the fuck did you just say?” As far as I can remember, that’s the first time I recall out of all the episodes and seasons of the Ultimate Fighter that one of the contestants has come out and said something that disrespectful right to the face of one of the coaches. Many have done it in private but I don’t recall seeing that happen before. I think my mouth sort of hung open for a moment as I thought to myself….”are you a complete moron? you just got tooled by an 0-0 TUF contestant and you’re gonna talk like shit to Forrest Griffin. Oh man, that’s not smart at all. I just thought those highlights in your hair made you a goofball, but you really have not brain at all do you.”

Rampage says I bet our fight don’t go to no decision.

Rampage starts breaking stuff. Forrest is shown getting angry as well.

Dana says, both of these guys are acting like Ken and Tito now.

Damn I was looking forward to Forrest’s new haircut but I guess they forgot or something

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