Fisttacuff Radio Show 143: Brown and Brown, Soto, Piedmont, Rivera


We kick things off this show with an amazing guest that not only hopes to open eyes, but maybe even make some people feel better about being different. Oh and did I mention he is bringing with him as his side kick Matt “The Immortal” Brown? Yeah we have on Kaleb Brown the creator of a really cool comic/book called “The Big M” and it’s characters are based off of Seth Petruzelli, Tom Lawlor, and Matt Brown. Did I mention that “The Voice of the Octagon” narrates the online book and comic. Yeah Kaleb is hoping to one day have his project turn into a cartoon for kids to watch, but he needs your help. Get over to and check out the details on this project and get ready to talk to Kaleb and Matt about not only the project, Kaleb’s goals, and of course how Matt feels to be part of such a cool project. Follow Matt on twitter @IAmTheImmortal


Our next guest was not only the first ever Bellator Featherweight Champ but also the winnner of the first ever Featherweight Tournament. Joe Soto is stopping in to talk his career, what’s next for him, and more. If you don’t know anything about Joe do your reseacrch as he has had an amazing career with some exciting fights. We will talk to Joe about of course his time with Bellator, where he wants to be by the end of the year, and getting back on the winning side of things after taking his only two losses of his career from some tough opponents. With a record of 11-2 and wins over guys like Chad George and Wilson Reis and only losing to Joe Warren and Eddie Yagin I would say you should probally get used to hearing Joe Soto’s name. Follow Joe on
twitter @JoeSotoMMA


Dropping in on the shop from sunny San Diego is Nicholas Piedmont, okay so you might be saying who is Nick Piedmont? Well he’s part of Alliance MMA and you know that means you should prolly keep an eye on the kid. Nick is another one of the kats from Arizona making the swtich to the sand and the beach. We will talk to Nick about his career up to this point as he is relativly young in the sport with a pro record of 4-2 and 2 wins as an ammy. I can’t wait to talk to Nick about making the move to Alliance and how things have been going for him up to this point. I know Nick has been working with Erin Beach, Danny, and the rest of the pros at Alliance so we will of course talk about how training has changed for him and much more. Get ready to get to know one of the guys that couldbe looking to make a splash into the deep waters of MMA by the end of 2012. Follow Nick on twitter @NickPiedmontMMA


Last on the show this week is Cisco, as in Francisco “Cisco” Rivera. Cisco is stepping into the cage on June 22 in Atlantic City to take on Ken Stone. This should be a great fight and one I think could end with the type of excitement fans are looking for. Cisco is known to put guys to sleep and my guess is that will be the plan this time around, just like it is in most of his fights. We will talk to Francisco about being back in the big show, riding a three fight win streak into this fight, getting the call to face Stone a month after fighting Alex Soto, and of course a lil about his career. We will talk to Cisco about getting a second chance under the Zuffa banner and what has changed since the first time. Make sure to follow Cisco on witter @CiscoRiveraUFC and remember phone lines are open for Cisco’s interview and the whole show!

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