Mixed Martial Arts Training: Hook Punch

Nick Diaz has some of the best hooks in the game, especially to the body. Photo courtesy of Strikeforce/Showtime

Continuing with our Mixed Martial Arts Training segments, we are going to focus on how to throw a hook. The videos below will show you the proper way to throw a hook as well as some exercises that will make the punch more effective and powerful.

Also, you will get to see two video compilations of the hook in action demonstrated by “hook masters” in the heat of battle. Like all punches, an effective hook is all about technique. It can be an awkward punch to learn at first, but once you understand the mechanics, it really is very simple.

In the first video below, the trainer explains why a hook is so effective and why a hook to the chin can shut the lights of your opponent out so easily. The trainer demonstrates proper hook technique while focusing on weight distribution, pivoting the foot and rotating the hips.

Here are some exercises that will help you get used to the motion of throwing a hook. Of course, you will not be standing straight forward like this in a fight, but the exercises are meant to show you the mechanics of the hook and make the rhythm of it second nature.

Jay Glazer breaks it down.

This trainer explains how the true power of a hook starts in the toes. Shane Carwin‘s coach, Trevor Wittman, talked a lot about this very thing in an interview he did with ProMMAnow.com last year when discussing the source of Carwin’s devastating punching power.

Lastly, in our final hook instructional video watch as Sifu explains more about hip rotation and its importance in not only throwing hooks but all types of punches. Sifu also gives a couple hip rotation exercises that will help you get used to the hip motion needed to generate power.

Now watch the hook in action in these two compilation videos featuring fighters who had the punch mastered. See if you can notice them using the techniques that were described in the training videos, paying close attention to the foot pivot and hip motion.

Top 10 Greatest Left Hooks featuring: Sonny Liston, Bob Foster, Tommy Morrison, Floyd Patterson, David Tua, Sugar Ray Robinson, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr., Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier.

Top 5 Greatest Left Hooks featuring: Joe Frazier, Tommy Morrison, Mike Tyson, Jerry Cooney and David Tua.

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