UFC on FOX promo featuring MMA critic Bob Arum *VIDEO*

Boxing promoter Bob Arum has helped put together some amazing boxing matches over the years, but his attitude toward mixed martial arts reeks of bitterness. Is he bitter MMA and the UFC’s rising popularity has possibly cut into his market share, or is he bitter that fight fans get more action out of one UFC card than he puts together in an entire year?

Maybe he’s bitter he didn’t get involved with promoting MMA himself. The following UFC on FOX promo does a great job of proving every one of his criticisms wrong without ever saying a single word. Anyone who has actually taken the time to get familiar with the UFC and MMA will immediately see through Arum’s severely flawed statements regarding who watches the sport, the fighters who compete in it and their abilities standing and on the ground.

Arum is a fossil, a man who did not adapt or change with the times. He is a man who feels comfortable charging fight fans $50+ for a pay-per-view with only one significant fight on the card. There are plenty of people who enjoy watching both boxing and MMA. No one is saying Arum is a moron because he does not like the sport; it is clearly not for everyone. But to belittle the MMA athletes and their fans in the manner he does shows he is either just plain ignorant, jealous or both.

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