Fist-ta-Cuff Radio welcomes guests Sergio Pettis, Douglas Lima, Shanon Slack and Ian McCall Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. ET


Show 107 takes place tonight and this show is full of potential, I mean we have on one of the best young up and comers on the show, a man named the Phenom, MMA’s best dressed man and one with enough swagger to fill you up a cup, and the best 125 lb fighter in the world. Told you it was a card that had potential!

You can catch the show on ( tonight at 7:30 p.m. PST / 10:30 p.m. EST.

Sergio Pettis

Our first guest might ring a bell with you because of his last name, but he will ring a bell with you too if you put on a pair of gloves with the kid. Sergio Pettis is coming on the show and I can’t wait to chop it up with the Team Roufus up and comer (he’d already be there if Milwaukee would allow him to fight.) Seriously if you have not done any research on Sergio, do it!

Simply put this man could be one of the best young talents in America, ask his brother! Not only is Sergio
being groomed to be a future champ in the gym but also in the PR game. Just wait till you hear the interview and get here early cause this one’s gonna be too hot to handle and too cold to touch!

Douglas Lima

Next up is the man referred to as the Phenom. This isn’t a name that could ever be taken lightly and Douglas Lima’s six fight win streak isn’t either! That’s right the man who is wrecking the MFC is stepping into the Barber Shop to chop it up about his career to this point, the win streak, dominating Canada, and his future Plans.

With a record of 18-4 you know this man has been around the game for a minute. We will talk to Douglas about winning the Welterweight Belt and his future plans to defend it and against who… We will also talk to Douglas about never getting a chance to fight in the WEC, this is a crazy story in itself and you can believe we will have plenty to talk about with Douglas making his Bellator Debut in Atlantic City.

Shanon Slack

The second hour kicks off with more style and stunt then you can fit in one room. When Shanon “The Heart Break Kid” Slack stops by things are about to pop off. One of the best wrestlers to cross over is ready to thump heads! Yeah that’s right Slack is getting ready for a fight, that means that we finally get to talk to him about his camp and not someone else’s.

Shanon is set to take on Alexandre Capitao at Amazon Forest Combat 1, and you know when Shanon is fighting it’s bound to be fireworks! We always have plenty to talk to Shanon about as he is always knee deep in about thirty other things. I can’t wait to talk to Shanon about his ultimate goals and if they have changed since the
last we spoke. This isn’t Shanon’s first time on the show , so you know if he’s back its cause we chop it up like it’s sushi! Tune in for a great interview NO DOUBT!

Ian McCall

Okay don’t weird out, don’t go run and hide… Your favorite uncle is back, that’s right UNCLE CREEPY! Ian McCall is back and ready to kick it like a Thai pad. That’s right we got the best 125 lb. fighter in the world back on the show. The man with the Tachi Palace Belt. I can’t wait to talk to Ian about the perks of being champ and what it means for him at this point of the career.

We will also talk to Ian about the chance of fighting in the UFC soon and what he thinks about some of the bigger guys who might make the jump down. Ian has a brand new whip, a baby on the way, and plenty of other new things sitting at the house and you know we are going to talk to him about all of it. As well as his fight against Dileno Lopes at Amazon Forest Combat 1. Tune in as we have the man running the 125 lb division.

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