Once I was a Champion – Evan Tanner documentary (Official Trailer)

This is the official trailer for “Once I was a Champion“, a feature length documentary film detailing the life and death of former UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner.

Tanner died in Sept. 2008 at the age of 37 while on a solo camping trip in the Southern California desert. His official cause of death was cited as heat exposure.

The film is being produced by Tapout Films and directed by Gerard Roxburgh. The release date has not yet been officially announced, but you can keep up with everything on the Once I was a Champion Facebook page.

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  • garth

    that gave me chills right up until they showed chael sonnen. that fucking scumbag shouldn’t be allowed in anything having to do with honor or dignity. complete liar and crook. having his stupid face on that trailer, much less in the movie, sullies Tanner’s memory.

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