Chad George’s “Road to Japan” blog day 5 – DREAM

Chad "Savage" George at the DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix Finals.

Projekt Label fighter Chad “Savage” George (10-4) was recently invited to Japan to train with the camp of Japanese Shooto legend Rumina Sato. Being that Chad has a fight coming up on Nov. 14 against Greg Guzman at “Called Out MMA 2,” he saw this as the perfect opportunity to train with some of the top lighter weight fighters in the world, and as a special treat for us he is keeping a blog of his trip. Be sure to check back each day to see how things are going with Chad during this very unique experience.

Day 5

Today we traveled to Yokohama to train with the Grand Slam Gym (BJ Kojima Shooto Bantamweight Champion) and to watch DREAM.

The day started out with us taking the train to Yokohama. Leaving Odawara wasn’t that bad or crowded. But once we got into the city, holy shit that train got packed. Like Osaka, Yokohama is a big fast-paced city with people cluttering the streets during the end of the work day.

We walked around Yokohama a bit, went to a Japanese pro gear shop and then made it to the Grand Slam Gym. Once at Grand Slam we trained hard for maybe an hour of BJJ with about nine guys. Then it was off to DREAM.

Everything from the walk up to the arena and the show it self was amazing. Like Shooto, the fans are the most respectful audience. Clapping and cheering. Ohhhs and Ahhs. Even cheering on the losing fighter to help him push on.

Aside from that, getting to watch Sakuraba, Hansen, Aoki, the Lightweight Grand Prix and a few others was a whole other great experience. The last fight of the night, the Featherweight Grand Prix Finals had to have been one of the best fights of the year! Bibiano Fernandes is a monster and won by split decision.

After DREAM I caught a ride by car with another Roots member back to Odawara (about a two hour ride) and called it a night.

Tomorrow the Typhoon comes in so we are not running and will take a rest day. Thursday and Friday are supposed to be brutal training and sparring with other gyms.

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By: Chad “SAVAGE” George

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