Justin Buchholz in for Ronnys Torres against Jeremy Stephens

Originally supposed to debut on UFC Fight Night 18, Ronnys Torres was once again forced off a UFC card due to injury. The undisclosed injury will keep the Nova Uniao product out of UFC Fight Night 19, but it also opens the door for UFC veteran Justin Buchholz. Buchholz will step in to fight Jeremy … Read more

Meet your UFC rookies

Patrick Barry will give Dan Evensen all he can handle at UFC 92
Patrick Barry makes his UFC debut at UFC 92

Where is a place all champions have been but never want to return? It’s a place where dues are paid and checks are made. It’s a proving ground, a place to show your skills and put on a show. It’s a place where a fighter wants to do their absolute best even though the majority of people may never even see it.

It’s been said that the loneliest place in the world is inside the Octagon. If that is true, then inside the Octagon, ON THE UNDERCARD is the loneliest place in the universe.

The UFC has used their undercards for years to bring in new talent, test them out, and see what they are made of.  Hopefully, the fighters do well enough they can one day fight on the main card.

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